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Monday, July 31, 2017

Mercer County Kentucky Genealogies and Histories #kentuckypioneers

Mercer County, Kentucky Wills and Estates


Mercer County was formed from Lincoln County in 1785 and was named for the Revolutionary War General Hugh Mercer who was killed at the Battle of Princeton in 1777. The county seat is Harrodsburg, Kentucky. Some of the earliest settlers were: Abraham Bsnta, Alexander Bowling, Daniel and Cornelius Cozine, George Silvertooth, James Harrod, James Hornback, James Quigley, Thomas Freeman, Thomas Threlkeld, Patrick Lowry, Joseph Bohannon, John McMurtry, Harman Van Dyke, Benoni Swearengin and Matthew English. The Wills, Estates, Inventories, Orphans and Guardian Returns are all combined in the same books. A number of pages in these books were too faded and damaged to include. Effort was made by the State of Kentucky to restore some of the images, however, what you see is what you get.

Probate Records available to members of Kentucky Pioneers
Images of Wills, Estates, Guardianships, Inventories, Appraisements, Bk 1, 1786 to 1795

Adams, William | Armstrong, Mary | Arnold, Stephen
Banta, Abraham | Batten, William | Beaman, John | Berry, John | Bohannon, Joseph | Bowling, Alexander | Bowling, Henry | Brown, Daniel | Brumfield, Robert | Burn, James O.
Campbell, James | Canaday, Rachel | Cooley, Rubin | Corbin, Robert | Cozine, Cornelius | Cozine, Daniel
Davis, Joseph | Davis, Thomas | Dickens, Daniel | Downing, William
English, Matthew | Estes, Abraham | Flanigan, Dominick | Foster, Isaiah | Freeman, Thomas
Gill, John | Givens, Samuel | Gordon, John | Graham, Benjamin | Gricon, Samuel
Hale, Jobe | Hale, Joseph | Harbeson, John | Harris, William | Harrod, James | Hartley, Thomas | Holland, Alexander | Holloway, George | Hornback, James
James, Abraham | Jeffries, Matthew | Lapsley, Samuel | Little, John | Longly, Isaac | Lowry, Patrick | Lyons, Stephen
McAfee, Robert | McBrayer, George | McKinny, Stephen | McMurtry, John | McPike, James | Miller, Hannah | Mitchell, John | Mitchell, Robert | Moun, James
Neeld, Benjamin | Noell, Thomas | Overton, James | Prather, Thomas | Quigley, James
Roberts, Robert | Robertson, James | Robertson, William | Ross, George
Silvertooth, George | Smith, Adam | Stephens, George | Sutton, Robert
Taylor, David | Telford, David | Thompson, John | Threlkeld, Moses | Threlkeld, Thomas
Vancher, William | Wafe, Rebecca | Woods, David

Images of Wills, Estates, Guardianships, Inventories, Appraisements, Bk 2, 1795 to 1803

Adams, George | Alexander, Martha | Armstrong, John | Ashby, Henry | Ashby, Stephen
Banta, Alexander | Barber, Thomas | Berry, John | Bottom, John | Branner, Peter | Brumfield, Job | Burton, Allen | Butt, Henry
Cason, Seth | Clark, Francis | Corbin, Robert | Coburn, James | Coburn, Mary | Coburn orphans | Cosby, Charles | Coun, George | Cozine, Cornelius | Cozine, Daniel | Curry, Alexander | Curry, Andrew | Curry, John | Curry, William
Daviss, Joseph | Derham, Jacob | Demott, Lawrence Sr. | Donahigh, William | Dunn, Samuel
Gill, John | Gillispie, David | Givens, Samuel | Gordon, Ambrose | Guthrie, James
Haines, William | Hale, Ann | Hale, Armstrong | Hale, Job | Hale, John | Harbison, Thomas | Harris, Overton | Harrison, John | Harrod, James | Harrod, John | Hale, Joseph | Hobson, Phineas
Irvine, Abraham | James, Abraham | Jelp, Isaac | Jones, Gabriel
Lapsley, Samuel | Laurence, James | Laurence, Robert | Lawrence, Joseph | Lawrence, Samuel | Lillard, Christopher | Lillard, Edward | Lillard, John | Lock, William | Locke, William
MacCoun, John | McAfee, John | McAfee, Joseph | McAfee, Samuel | McBrayer, George | McClure, Alexander | McCoun, James | McDowell, Joseph | McGee, James | McKinney, Charles | McMurtry, John | Missender, Nancy | Mitchell, Robert | Moore, William | Moss, David | Munday, Edmund
Neeld, Nathan | New, John W. | Pancake, Simon | Poss, George | Prather, Thomas
Ragin, Robert | Robertson, James | Rogers, John | Ryan, John
Shipley, Edward | Smith, Benjamin | Steen, John | Stone, Henry | Sutton, Robert | Swank, Henry | Swearingen, Benoni
Telfair, Isaac | Telford, David | Telford, Jeremiah | Theckston, Thomas | Thompson, John | Threlkeld, John | Timmons, Live | Turpin, Thomas
Vanarsdall, Simon | Van Cleave, William | Walker, Peter | Webster, Richard | Willheit, Nicholas | Willis, John | Wood, Archibald | Wood, David | Woods, James | Woods, Samuel

Images of Wills, Estates, Guardianships, Inventories, Appraisements, Bk 3, 1803 to 1808

Adams, George | Asberry, Thomas | Banner, John | Banta, Abraham | Barbee, John | Beasley, Daniel | Bottoms, John | Buchanan, Alexander | Bull, H.
Caldwell, Robert | Cardwell, James | Chiles, John | Clark, Francis | Cole, Joseph | Combs, Charles | Cooney, John | Copeland, James | Cosby, Nelson | Cowan, Jared | Cozine, Cornelius | Crutchfield, William | Curry, William
Davis, James | Doak, John | Donaghy, William | Fisher, Jeremiah | Freeman, Thomas
Garswiler, Abraham | Garswiler, Joseph | Gills, John | Gordon, Ambrose | Graham, James | Green, Thomas
Hale, John | Hale, Nancy | Hales, Hannah | Harmon, Michael | Harbison, Thomas | Hickston, Thomas | Holloway, James | Hunter, Nancy
James, Abraham | Jones, Richard | Jordan, Peter
Laurence, James | Little, John | Lock, Polly | Lucas, Richard | Lyons, Nancy
McAfee, Samuel | McGinty, James | McKee, William | McKinney, Charles | Miles, John | Miller, Hannah | Miller, John | Moore, James | Moors, Samuel | Mosby, David
Neald, Nathan | Neeld, Elias | Nichols, Julius | Noel, Bernard
Peerson, Hale | Philips, Jeremiah | Pilcher, John | Plough, Abraham | Prather, Thomas
Razor, John | Richardson, John | Riley, Jeremiah | Roberson, James | Roberts, Elizabeth | Robertson, Robert | Robinson, James | Robinson, Robert | Ryan, John
Shepherd, William | Shields, James | Silvertooth, George | Smith, Jesse | Sneed, Thomas | Stone, Henry
Taylor, John | Telford, Jeremiah | Thompson, Leonard | Thompson, William | Vankin, Isaac | Ver Bryle, Laurence
Webster, Richard | Wilhite, Nicholas | Wilson, James | Woods, James | Woods, Samuel | Woodson, Jacob | Young, Leonard

Images of Wills, Estates, Guardianships, Inventories, Appraisements, Bk 4, 1808 to 1813

Adair, William | Adams, George | Anderson, Robert | Asberry, Thomas
Banta, Abraham | Banta, Albert | Banta, Samuel | Barbee, John | Barnes, Fielden | Bavla, John | Bennett, Martha | Bottom, John | Bottom, Mary | Brewer, Peter | Bright, Jacob | Bryant, Jacob | Buchanan, Alexander | Buchanan, George | Buchanan, Nancy | Bunton, John | Burlins, Ambrose | Burton, Ambrose
Caldwell, George | Campbell, Jonas | Cassady, Alexander | Casidy, Andrew | Chiles, John | Clarkson, John | Coghill, John | Copeland, James | Cotter, John | Coulter, John
Davis, Azariah | Daugherty, James | Davis, Cyrus | Davis, John | Dean, Thomas
Eastland, William | Evans, Amos | Ewing, Samuel | Fisher, Adam | Fisher, Simon | Freeman, David | Freeman, Thomas
Gadberry, William | Garshwiler, Joseph | Gillispie, E. | Givins, Martha | Glazebook, Justin | Gordon, Ambrose | Graham, Samuel | Graves, Leonard | Grayham, Samuel, Capt/
Hale, Jesse | Hale, Jobe | Haley, orphans | Haley, John | Harbert, John | Harbison, Rachel | Harlord, John | Harris, Charles | Harris, Josias | Hopkins, Samuel | Hughes, William H. | Hungate, John
James, George | Jarrel, David | Jaunt, John | Jones, Abraham | Kerr, David
Laurence, orphans | Lawrence, James | Lawrence, Robert | Lawrence, Samuel | Lewis, Joseph | Lock, William, orphans | Logan, David | Lyon, guardian | Lyon, James
Maggs, Thomas | McAfee, Charles | McAfee, James | McCarney, Robert | McCaslin, Richard | McClure, Alexander | McGee, John | McGinnis, William | McKamy, Robert | McKee, Lydia | McKee, William | McMurtrey, John | Minor, George | Moore, James | Moore, orphans | Moore, Samuel | Moore, Thomas | Mosby, David
Neald, Elias | Neald, Sarah | Neale, Nathan | Noel, Bernard
Parker, Betty | Patton, Thomas | Pearson, Joseph | Powel, Charles | Powel, George
Roach, John | Robinson, Margaret | Rowland, Robert
Shields, James | Shields, Nancy | Smith, Hannah | Smith, Horace | Smock, John | Speed, James | Stagg, John | Stephens, George | Strong, Walter E.
Talbot, Walter | Taylor, John | Timmons, Samuel | Vanarsdal, Simon | Verbryke, Barnabas | Verbryke, Laurance
West, Thomas | Williams, John | Willis, Joseph | Wilson, Vance | Young, Leonard

Images of Wills, Estates, Guardianships, Inventories, Appraisements, Bk 5, 1813 to 1816

Adams, Samuel | Albert, James | Armstrong, Robert
Baird, William | Banta, Henry P. | Banta, Samuel | Bennett, estate | Bennett, Charles | Bennett, Martha, orphan | Biers, George | Bonnel, orphans | Bowers, Mathias | Bowey, Matthias | Brown, Priestly | Buchannon, Alexander | Buckhanan, George | Buckhannon, orphans | Bunton, John | Byars, George
Caldwell, George | Caldwell, Isbel | Caldwell, Robert | Campbell, Josiah | Chelp, Isaac | Colvin, James | Cooney, Mary | Coulter, John | Cowan, Hannah | Curry, Martha | Curry, William
Daniel, Benjamin | Daniel, guardians | Davis, Cyrus | Dawson, William | Dean, Thomas | Demott, John | Detsponet, Christopher | Dickinson, Edward | Dunn, James
Eastland, William | Eccles, James | Edwards, Stanton | Edwards, Moreton | Elkins, Aylett | Ellis, Luke | Everly, John
Fisher, Adam | Gaines, Richard | Givings, Mary | Gordon, Ambrose | Gordon, Averella | Gordon, Robert, orphans | Graham, Joseph | Graves, Leonard | Graves, Rice | Grayham, Samuel | Green, Henry | Green, Mary | Gregory, Richard
Haley, orphans | Hanna, Stephen | Harbison, Andrew | Haines, Michael | Harlan, James | Hale, Jesse | Haley, John | Harris, Josiah | Horine, George | Humble, Noah M.
Irvine, John | Irvine, Mary | Jefferies, John | Jemison, David | Jones, Gabriel | Jones, James | Keels, Asa | Kenner, Helen
Latimer, John B. | Latimer, John | Lawrence, Samuel | Lillard, Ephraim | Lillard, John | Lyon, James | Lyon, orphans
Martin, Peter | McCown, John | McGinnis, John | McKamy, Rosana | McKee, William | McKinny, John | McMurtry, John | McMurtry, Samuel | Minor, George | Minor, William | Moore, Elizabeth | Moore, James | Moore, Simeon | Morgan, Joseph | Mosby, John | Mosby, Martha | Mosby, Robert
Neeld, Nathan | Neff, Betsy | Odel, Joseph
Parkhill, Alexandria | Pateman, John B. | Poulta, Joseph | Prather, Thomas | Prewitt, Matthew
Slaughter, Cadwaller | Smith, Zachariah | Smock, Jacob | Smock, Jarrel | Smock, John | Stephens, William | Stevinson, William
Taylor, John | Thomas, John | Thompson, James | Thompson, Joseph | Trapnall, Vincent
Vanaradall, Christopher | Van Dyke, Barnard | Van Dyke, Henry | Van Dyke, Jane, orphan | Verbryck, John | Verbryck, Lawrence
Whittinghill, George | Wilson, James | Winn, John B. | Woods, Samuel

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Sunday, July 30, 2017

Struggles of the Kentucky Pioneers #kentuckypioners #genealogy

Struggles of the Kentucky Pioneers

Coal Mines in Ohio County, KentuckyThe life of the Kentucky pioneer and backwoodsman was one of long and bitter struggle. His task was to hunt, clear the forest to plow, and to fight local Indian tribes. Small forts, or stations were established to help resolve local conflicts with the savages being driven from their hunting grounds. The pioneers were of necessity armed, and were their own soldiers. They built forts and fought under commanders which the community had chosen. The mode of warefare somewhat resembled that of the Indian, and was quite different than the old European-style of both sides queuing up in a field and shooting at one another. The early pioneers fought the enemy from ambush. There was no court system, thus, the backwoodsman was prompt to avenge a wrong. He was grimly stern back woodsman who loved his freedom, and easily swayed by stormy passions. The atrocities suffered at the hand of the Indians taught him to relaliate in kind, thus, in this way he was cruel an relentless towards his enemy. After hostilities with the Indians came to a close, development of towns in the mountains was slow, and the woods remained isolated and cut off. Not until the railroads spread their iron network through the mountains, tapping an almost inexhaustible coal veins and mineral deposits, did the frontiersmen emerge into the business of coal-mining. 

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Saturday, July 29, 2017

New! Images of Ol Wills and Estates Just Added to #kentuckypioneers #genealogy

Pendleton County Kentucky Genealogy: Images of Wills, Estates, Inventories, Appraisements, Guardianships

Pendleton County Map

Pendleton County was created from parts of Campbell and Bracken counties in 1798. It was named after Edmund Pendleton, a longtime member of the Virginia House of Burgesses, the Continental Congress and chief justice of Virginia. The county seat is Falmouth which in 1776 was known as Forks of Licking, which was the site of the unfortunate Battle of Blue Licks during the Revolutionary War when the British ambushed the patriots, aided by Indians. Sixty persons died that day. It was not until 1793 that Falmouth was chartered. 

Indexes to Probate Records
  • Wills, Estates, etc. 1841 to 1871
  • Wills, Estates, etc. 1872 to 1918
  • Wills, Estates, etc.1918 to 1947
Images of Wills, Inventories, Appraisements, Guardianships
  • 1841 to 1871
  • 1872 to 1918

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Friday, July 28, 2017

"Big Bone Lick" #kentuckypioneers #genealogy

The Big Bone Lick

Big Bone LickSince the days of Lewis and Clarke, Kentuckians have been in awe of the large animal bones discovered in Big bone Lick State Park in Union, Kentucky. The belief is that during the last great Ice Age that enmormous herds of herbivorous animals existed in the vicinity. According to park experts, the mammoth and the mastodon were among the animals to visit the Lick. Later, ancestors of the sloth, bison and horse came to the salty soil and vegetation around springs. From the excavations there, animals became mired in the bogs and died in the wet, marshy land. The Delaware and Shawnee Indians were quite familiar with the bones of the animals in the Ohio Valley and collected the salt. Later, the Europeans learned of Big Bone Lick from the Indians. The first remembered European to visit this site was a French Canadian, de Longueil, in 1739. In fact, a Louisiana map dated 1744, marks the lick as the place where they found the elephant bones in 1739. In 1744, an American Indian trader by the name of Robert Smith removed some of the fossil bones. And, The first map of Kentucky, prepared by John Filson in 1784, bore on the legend: "Big Bone Lick; Salt and Medical Spring. Large bones are found there." Later on in 1803, when Meriwether Lewis traveled to Big Bone Lick en route west to join William Clark and the men assembling in Louisville for the Corps of Discovery, he sent a box of specimens to President Jefferson, along with an extremely detailed letter describing the finds of Goforth. President Jefferson devoted much time to the study of Big Bone Lick and believed that some of the large animals might still be living in the western regions of the country. In 1807, the present sent Clark to Big Bone Lick for the first organized vertebra paleontology expedition in the United States. During the three weeks that Clark was there, he hired laborers to collect bones and shipped three huge boxes to the President. Jefferson maintained a room in the White House for the display of the Big Bone collection. 
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John Waller of Kentucky #kentuckypioneers #genealogy

John Waller

John Waller HouseCaptain John Waller is given credit for being the founder of Falmouth. He was born December 27, 1758 in Stafford County, Virginia, a son of John Waller Sr. and served in the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War. He was made captain during the Battle of Brandywine on the field by General George Washington. Most enlistees did so for 3-month spans, because of time required to plant and harvest their crops. Of note here is the fact that Waller served seven years in the Army. He came to Kentucky with his brother, Edward Waller and George Lewis in 1783 and settled in Pendleton County.  

Pendleton County KY Wills, Estates, Appraisements etc.

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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Colonel Richard Henderson and the Cherokee Indians #kygenealogy #kentuckypioneers

Colonel Richard Henderson

John Filson May of 1784Colonel Richard Henderson (1734-1785) who purchased 17,000,000 acres of land from the Cherokee Indians, part of which would eventually make up the county of Henderson. His purpose was to create a colony called Transylvania. However, at the onset of the signing of the Declaration of Independence and the organization of the state government in North Carolina, he was re-elected judge, and thus prevented from participating in that scheme, known as the Transylvania Compact.During the Transylvania Purchase at Sycamore Shoals in Elizabethton, Tennessee and the Wilderness Road into Kentucky, Henderson met with the chiefs of the Cherokees and purchased all the land lying between the Cumberland River, the Cumberland Mountains, and the Kentucky River, and situated south of the Ohio River. Then, he hired Daniel Boone to help settle the area, to blaze the Wilderness Road through the Cumberland Gap and into the Transylvania land purchase. Henderson also purchased the land known as the Path Grant which allowed access to the Transylvania lands. To appease other early explorers, he offered Joseph Martin, founder of Martin's Station on Martin's Creek in present-day Rose Hill, Lee County, Virginia, a spot as an agent and entry taker for the company, in charge of keeping tabs on settlers moving westward. Henderson was originally from Hanover County, Virginia and removed to Granville County, North Carolina where he studied law and was admitted to the bar. In 1769, he was appointed a judge of the Superior Court. At the period when North Carolina was resisting tax collectors (the War of Regulation), Judge Henderson condemned caught resistors to death. 

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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Images of Henderson County KY Wills and Estates just added to #kentuckypioneers #genealogy

Images of Henderson County Wills, Estates, Guardianships, Distributions, Inventories, Appraisements

Henderson County KY

Henderson County came about when Richard Henderson purchased 17,000 acres from the Cherokee Indians in 1792. It was located between the Ohio, Cumberland and Kentucky Rivers in Kentucky and Tennessee known as the Transylvania Purchase and his purpose was to resell it to white settler. The county seat is Henderson. 

Genealogy Records available to members of Kentucky Pioneers

Images of Wills and Estates
  • Book A, 1799 to 1821
  • Book B, 1820 to 1840
  • Book C, 1837 to 1875
  • Book D, 2876 to 1898

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Monday, July 24, 2017

Mason County Kentucky Genealogies and Histories #kentuckypioneers

Mason County Kentucky Wills, Estates, Deeds

Maysville, KentuckyMaysville, KentuckyMaysville, KentuckyMaysville, KentuckyMason County was taken from Bourbon County in 1788 and was named for George Mason, a Virginia delegate to the U.S. Constitutional Convention. The county seat is Maysville, which is situated on the edge of the outer Bluegrass Region. The depositions regarding matters of land of the froniersmen Simon Kenton and Daniel Boone are found in the early records, copies of which are on this website.

Indexes to Probate Records
  • Wills, Inventories, Deeds, Affidavits 1791 to 1798
  • Wills, Inventories, Deeds, Affidavits 1798 to 1809
  • Wills, Inventories, Deeds, Affidavits 1809 to 1815
Images of Wills, Inventories, Deeds, Affidavits 1791 to 1798

Allen, Nathaniel | Allen, Patrick, affidavits | Anderson, Abner | Anns, William | Arrowsmith, Samuel

Bailey, Samuel | Bartlett, William | Beall, Basil | Beeson, Mary | Berry, Baldwin | Boggs, Samuel,depositions | Boone, Daniel | Boone, Daniel, deed | Boone, Daniel, deposition | Botts, John

Campbell, James | Castleman, Stephen | Cochran, Robert | Cohn, Benjamin | Collier, Benjamin | Collins, Benjamin | Connell, William | Conway, Miles Withers | Cook, Payden | Crabb, John | Craig, Absalom

Darah, John | Davie, John | Dobyns, Edward | Dyal, John | Edwards, Jacob E. | Edwards, James

Farron, Joseph, deposition | Figard, Daniel | Fitzgerald, Bartholomew, deposition | Fox, Arthur | Fox, William | Frazer, John, deposition | Fulton, Elisha

Glazier, Abraham, Colonel | Glenn, William

Haines, Joseph | Han, John | Hokem, Plenay | Hughs, John

Jackman, Adam | Jackson, Richard | Jessup, Edward | Johnston, John | Johnston, Robert, James Young, Ben Netherland, depositions | Jones, Michael | Jones, Thomas | Journice, Joseph

Keith, Isaiah | Kilgore, Samuel | Kenton, Simon, depositions

Lecompt, Charles, depositions | Lee, Henry, deposition | Lee, Peter | Lee, Richard | Lee, Stephen | Lewis, Isaac | Lewis, James | Lowhead, James | Lyle, Ludwick | Lyon, Joseph

Mahan, Matthew | Masterson, Richard, depositions | Matslar, John | Maxwell, Thomas, improvements | McCleland, Alexander | McClure, Francis | McConnel, Francis, deposition | McConnell, William, improvements | McDormet, Francis, deposition | McDowell, Thomas | McIntire, Alexander | McKinley, James, improvement | Miller, Robert | Millrt, Thomas | Mills, Edward | Morton, Joseph

Oden, John | Parr, Samuel | Peak, James | Phillips, Gabriel | Pitzer, Christopher | Poindexer, Thomas, heirs of

Reaves, Benjamin | Richards, Elijah | Richards, Lucy | Richards, Reuben | Ritchie, David and Mary | Roberts, John | Rudolph, John | Rumph, John | Rurry, John, affidavit | Rust, Matthew | Sellars, Isaac | Shipley, Samuel | Smart, John | Stevens, John | Stockton, George | Stockton, William | Stucker, Jacob

Tandy, William | Tarpley, James, deposition | Thrailkill, Benjamin | Thomas, Levi | Thompson, William | Tibbs, Samuel, affidavit | Tillett, John | Triplett, William, depositions | Vance, John | Vance, John

Walls, William | Washburn, Jeremiah | Wells, Hayden, deposition | Wheatley, Francis | Whitaker, Hezekiah | White, William | Wiley, Robert | Wiley, William | Williams, John | Williams, John, depositions | Willson, John | Willson, Joseph, improvement | Willson, Joseph, deposition | Wood, Benjamin | Woodgerd, Henry | York, Jeremiah | Young, Thomas, deposition

Wills, Inventories, Deeds, Affidavits 1798 to 1809

Allison, John | Armstrong, James | Askins, Thomas | Bell, John | Berry, Enoch | Botts, John | Botts, William, slaves of | Brooks, Jonathan | Brooks, Thomas | Brown, Richard | Browne, Robert | Bryant, George | Buckelow, Arthur | Buckalow, William | Burnett, Moses | Burns, Tarens | Burns, Zephaniah | Burwell, Peter | Busley, Charles | Byram, Peter | Byram, William

Caldwell, David | Campbell, John | Cannon, Abraham | Carrel, Dempsey | Carroll, Edward | Castleman, Stephen | Clark, William | Cleary, William | Cleneay, William | Cochran, Robert | Cornwell, Jane | Cornwell, Samuel | Corwin, John | Crabb, John | Crosby, William

Davis, Garrard | Davis, Nicholas | Dawson, George | Doggett, Elmore | Dougherty, Alexander | Downing, Ellis | Downing, Robert | Drake, Cornelius | Dunlavy, anthony Sr. | Duvall, John P. | Duvall, John Pierce | Dye, William | Edwards, Jacob | Ellis, James | Ficklen, John | Finch, John | Fox, Arthur | Gallagher, Edward | Grayham, Elizabeth

Hale, James | Hamilton, Alexander | Hanes, Joseph | Hanes, Samuel | Harrow, John | Hattabough, Isaac | Heald, James | Heflin, Simon | Hickman, Jesse | Hill, Joseph | Hollody, Richard | Hurst, Henry | Jackson, John | Journice, Joseph | Kent, John | Lee, Ann | Lee, Lewis | Leitch, David | Lewis, George | Lewis, James | Lounsdale, Thomas | Lyon, Joseph

Maddox, Notty | Marshall, Robert | Marshall, Thomas | Mattock, James | Mattocks, John | Matzler, John | McClung, James | McDonald, Francis | McDowell, Joseph | McFaden, John | McIlvane, William | McKinley, James | Mechin, Peter | Metcalf, John | Miller, Robert | Moke, James | Morris, David | Morris, Mary | Morton, Robert B. | Murphy, Timothy | Musgrove, Joshua

Nebs, George | Nicholas, Anne |Nichols, John | Nichols, Thomas | Nile, Ashberry | Owenfield, Abram | Owenfield, Paul | Phillips, Gabriel | Phillips, James | Phillips, John | Pollard, Benjamin | Pollett, Mary | Porter, John | Prater, Riquil | Proctor, Jeremiah | Proctor, William | Purcell, George

Reeves, James | Robinson, Ralph | Rogers, John | Rudolph, John | Runsdale, Margaret | Rush, William | Sanders, George | Sandridge, James | Scott, John | Shackleford, James | Sheppherd, George | Shockey, Isaac | Shurly, William | Small, Henry | Smith, Moses | Smith, William | Soward, Richard | Stableton, William | Standford, Acquila | Stith, John | Stoulcoup, John | Strong, Gilbert | Summers, George | Summers, Samuel

Tennison, Absalom | Tevis, Peter | Thomas, Jacob | Thom, Robert | Thomas, Joseph | Tillet, John | Van Schoiach, John | Von Sickle, William | Voshall, Daniel

Ward, Thomas | Washburn, Jeremiah | Waters, John | Watson, John | Weaver, Henry | Whaley, John | Wheatley, Francis | Whitaker, Hezekiah | Willson, James | Willson, John | Wilson, Nathaniel | Wood, George | Worthington, William

Wills, Inventories, Deeds, Affidavits 1809 to 1815

Adamson, John | Anderson, Abner | Anderson, Matthew | Applegate, Daniel | Bailey, James and William Waddell | Baker, Abner | Baker, Grafton | Baker, William | Barbour, James | Bayles, Daniel | Beasley, Charles | Beasley, Ezekiel | Bell, Rawleigh | Bell, Richard | Bennett, Titus | Berry, Enoch | Berry, George | Bigges, Mason | Boone, Levy | Bowden, Robert | Boyles, Davis | Bronough, William | Brooke, Humphrey | Brooks, George | Brooks, Jonathan | Brooks, Thomas | Brown, James | Brown, Robert | Burroughs, Benjamin | Bursett, Sarah

Calvin, Luther | Carly, Charles | Carrell, David | Carrell, Lawson | Cash, Thomas | Chambers, James | Clarke, John | Clarke, William | Clift, Mason | Clifton, Baldwin | Clury, William | Colvert, William | Corwin, Richard | Coryell, Joseph | Curtis, John

Daugherty, David A. | Davidson, Hugh | Davis, Joseph | Davison, Joseph | Dawson, Isaac | Doggatt, orphans | | Dougherty, John | Drake, Desire | Drake, John | Drake, Josiah | Drake, Ralph | Drummond, Samuel | Dufford, George | Dyal, Simon | Dye, William | Edwards, Jacob | Evans, Charles | Ficklin, John | Finch, John | Fitzgerald, Bartholomew | Foley, James | Fox, Arthur | Gibbons, Nehemiah | Glausbrener, John | Gordon, Amos | Gow, William | Gray, John

Harrah, John | Heath, John | Henderson, Andrew | Higgins, William | Higginwith, Priscilla | Howell, William | Hyatt, Elisha | Jackson, Samuel | Jessup, Edward | John, Eli | Jones, William | Kelsey, Thomas | Kent, John | Kiggin, Macon | Kilgore, Samuel

Lee, Ann | Lee, Stephen | Light, Ludwick | Marshall, Robert | Marshall, Thomas | Marshall, William | Martin, Edmund | Mattox, James | Mazlen, Benjamin | McClure, Sarah | McDowell, Joseph | McDuget, Francis | McGoyer, Hackey | McMichael, Margaret | Mitchell, Isaac | Mitchell, Sandford | Moke, James | Moore, John B. | Morris, James | Morris, Mary | Morris, William | Morrison, Edward | Morrison, Motley W.

Nichols, L. | Nichols, Simon | Owenfield, Abner | Perkins, Constant | Phillips, Gabriel | Phillips, Moses | Pitter, John | Proctor, William

Ravenscraft, John | Reeves, Benjamin | Reeves, Elizabeth | Reeves, James | Russell, Sarah | Sandridge, James | Scott, John | Shackleford, John | Shelton, William | Shipley, Samuel | Small, Henry | Smith, Samuel | Snyder, Christian | Stout, Daniel | Tidwell, Reuben | Triplett, Francis | Triplett, William

Wakefield, James | Washington, Thomas | Watson, John | Weaver, Harry | Whaley, John | White, James | Wiggins, Archibald | Wusiger, John K. | Young, Samuel 

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Monday, July 17, 2017

Madison County Kentucky Genealogies and Histories #kentuckypioneers

Madison County Wills, Estates, Inventories, Guardianships, Sales available to Members of Kentucky Pioneers

Madison County Kentucky Map

In 1769, a hunting expedition by Indian trader John Findley, Daniel Boone and four others first visited the area that is Madison County. Later on, in 1775, The Transylvania Company led by Judge Richard Henderson of North Carolina purchased 20,000,000 acres of land west of the Appalachians from the Cherokee Indians in 1774. Then, Daniel Boone was hired to cut a trail through the Cumberland Gap and establish the settlement of Fort Boonesborough on the Kentucky River. Ten years later Madison County was established from Lincoln County lands. 

Book A1, 1786 to 1806

*Alford, John *Allcorn, Robert *Allen, Cary H. *Anderson, John *Anderson, Samuel *Black, James *Blackwell, Armistead *Blackwell, Sarah *Blockley, John *Blythe, William *Bowles, Hugh *Bowman, John *Bramwell, Joseph *Bridges, George *Broadus, William *Broadus, William M. *Brown, John *Burgin, Isaac *Burgin, Jesse *Burnet, Roland *Campbell, Thomas *Carpenter, Edward *Carpenter, John *Carrich, William *Chaffey, Charles *Chizum, James *Clark, James *Clark, Jesse *Cockran, James *Coffey, N. *Corlen, Belford *Coulter, James *Creath, William *Cullen, James *Dever, William *Diver, Dennis *Donaldson, Andrew *Dozier, James *Dryden, William *Duglas, Alexander *Duncan, Benjamin *Elliott, Robert *Estill, Mary Ann *Estill, William *Faris, Michael *Farthing, Edward *Fincher, William *Fitzgerald, John *Fletcher, William *Ford, Peter *Fowler, Matthew *Fullilove, William *Gaps, David *Gentry, Enoch *Giles, James *Gillispie, William *Goff, Alexander *Gray, Stephen *Green, Stephen *Gully, Thomas *Gyn, Jacob *Hamilton, William *Harris, Benjamin *Harris, Christopher *Harris, James *Harris, Thomas *Harrison, James *Hart, William *Hawkins, atharine *Hawkins, Joseph *Hawkins, Nathan *Hehy, Michael *Heming, James *Hill, Joshua *Holand, John *Hoy, Roland *Hoy, William *Huggins, William *Irvine, Charles *Irvine, Christopher *Irvine, John *Johnson, Barnet *Jones, James *Kavenaugh, Charles *Kavanaugh, hilemon *Kelly, Samuel *Kincaid, John *Kinder, George *Lee, George *Lowry, James *Loyd, Samuel C. *Manson, John *Martin, James *Mason, William *Maupin, Daniel *Maxwell, Thomas *McCreery, James *McKenny, Joseph *McMillan, William *McMullin, James *McNeely, James *McWilliams, David *Merritt, Joseph *Miller, Abraham *Moody, Andrew Sr. *Moore, Burton *Moore, William *Morehead, William *Morrison, Hugh *Newland, Abraham *Nobles, David *Noland, Joshua *O Near, Jeremiah *Owsley, Thomas *Parks, Allen *Phelps, George *Phelps, John Sr. *Portwood, Loyd *Portwood, Thomas *Reynolds, Thomas *Rice, John *Richardson, Aaron *Roberson, Robert *Roberts, Edward *Roberts, Elisha *Robertson, William *Sampson, Isaac *Sapp, Nancy *Sappington, John *Searcey, Bartlett *Scrivener, James *Searcey, Allen *Shackelford, E. L. *Shackelford, James *Shelton, Thomas *Shurley, Catharine *Smith, Charles *Smith, Reubin *Smith, Reubin Dr. *Starnes, Isaac *Stephenson, Edward *Stephenson, Elizabeth *Stephenson, E. *Stepp, James *Stevens, Humford *Stone, Benjamin *Stone, Samuel *Talmer, Samuel *Tatum, Samuel *Taylor, David *Thompson, David *Timberlake, Richard *Turner, Edward *Turner, Madison *Twig, Nathaniel *Walker, James *Walker, James (2) *Watts, John *White, David *White, James *White, John Sr. *Wills, Henry *Woodson, James *Wooley, John *Woolscale, William

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Monday, July 10, 2017

Lincoln County Kentucky Genealogies and Histories #kentuckypioneers

Lincoln County Kentucky Wills, Estates, Deeds

Lincoln County, KentuckyLincoln County, KentuckyStanfordLincoln was one of the original three counties formed from a county in Virginia called "Kentucky County". Three counties were separated from Virginia to form the Commonwealth of Kentucky in 1792; viz: Fayette, Jefferso and Lincoln Counties. The county seat is Stanford, Kentucky.

Indexes to Wills and Estates
  • 1781 to 1791
  • 1791 to 1804
  • 1804 to 1806
Images of Wills, Estates, Deeds, 1781 to 1791

Adams, James | Arnold, Mark | Ball, Edward | Baughman, Henry | Beardale, John | Bell, Samuel | Berry, James | Berry, John | Bowman, John | Bright, George | Bright, John | Brought, Benjamin Rice | Bryston, William | Bulger, Edward

Caperton, Adam | Carpenter, John | Cassy, John | Chapman, Dianah | Chapman, Edward | Chapman, George | Crutchfield, James Daniel, Walker | Davis, Elizabeth | Dowdery, Samuel | Duncan, Andrew | English, John | Estill, James

Feland, Thomas | Fisher, James | Floyd, David | French, John | Froman, Paul | Froman, Paul Sr. | Frye, John

Garnett, Anthony | Gibson, John | Gillis, William | Glover, John | Goodnight, Michael | Gordon, James | Gordon, Samuel Hanna, Alexander | Harlen, Silas | Hart, Cornelius | Hart, Nathan | Hart, Nathaniel | Hart, Sarah | Hawkins, Daniel | Henry, John | Hicks, William

Jack, Samuel | Jackman, Adam | Jansten, Christian | Johnson, Hugh | Kennedy, John | Kennon, John

Langford, Joseph | Linday, Joseph |Logan, James | Lynn, Nathan McAfee, William | McBride, Francis | McBride, William | McCalliston, George | McCastin, John | McKinley, Andrew | McMurtry, John | Miller, Andrew | Miller, Henry | Miller, Joseph | Mitchell, James | Montgomery, John | Montgomery, Milligan | Montgomery, Robert | Moore, Samuel | Mormer, Absalom | Mount, Mathew

Overton, Clough | Patterson, Benjamin | Potts, John | Radcliff, Charles | Robertson, James | Rose, Lewis | Rutherford, John Sharpe, John | Shirley, Michael | Shield, Hugh | Smith, Henry | Smith, James | Stade, Stephen | Stewart, William | Swan, John | Tolson, Thomas

Williams, Giles | Willson, John | Withers, William | Wornal, Richard | Wright, James | Yoakam, Mathew

Images of Wills and Estates 1791 to 1804 

Adams, John | Allen, James | Anthony, James | Bailey, James | Barbe, Thomas | Barnett, John | Barnsdale, John | Bosly, Gideon | Brasfield, Raymond | Briggs, Samuel | Bright, John | Buckhannon, Andrew | Burch, Benjamin | Burton, James | Butting, Francis | Byars, Jeremiah

Caldwell, John | Campbell, Isaac | Campbell, Jonas | Carpenter, John | Chapman, Edward | Christopher, Morton | Cloyd, James | Connelly, Wilkerson | Corder, Joel | Cox, James | Craig, Samuel

Davis, Samuel | Dodds, Andrew | Dugean, John | Duncan, Andrew | Estell, James | Farris, Isaac | Farris, Nathan | Feagin, John | Ford, William | Frye, John

Galbraith, Hugh | Gibson, John | Givens, John | Gordon, John | Grant, Frederick | Graves, William

Hansborough, John | Hart, Nathaniel | Hart, Sarah | Hindman, James | Huntsman, William

Jackson, Joseph | Jackson, William | Johnson, Charles | Jones, Jacob | Josling, John | Josling, Joseph | Kirkpatrick, Francis

Linn, Nathan | Logan, William | Marshell, Markham | Mayfield, Isaac | McBride, William | McClure, Arthur | McClure, Nathan | Miller, Henry and Sarah | Miller, William | Milner, John | Montgomery, Thomas | Montgomery, William | Moody, William | Moore, Robert | Moore, Edward | Morgan, William Sr. | Moss, Michael | Myers, Jacob | Myres, Mary

Neely, Isaac | Nokes, Benjamin | Perrin, Josephus | Price, Abraham | Ramsey, William | Richardson, Jonathan | Robinson, Hannah | Rope, Henry

Setler, John | Shackelford, George | Shackelford, John | Shoemaker, Solomon | Southerland, William | Sloan, John | Sloan, Margaret | Smith, Henry | Smith, John | Southerland, Uriah | Spratt, William | Stewart, William | Sutton, Christopher Todd, William | Tucker, John | Tucker, John | Vaughan, John

Walker, David and Elizabeth | Walker, David | Waller, Samuel | Willey, John | Williams, Thomas | Wright, James | Williams, Anne | Worthington, Edward | Yantis, Jacob | Yorker, John

Images of Wills and Estates 1804 to 1806 

Allen, James | Allstall, Daniel | Baker, William | Blain, Alexander | Blain, Isaac | Briggs, Mary | Buchanan, William

Carpenter, Adam | Carpenter, John | Conwell, William | Cook, Susannah | Craig, John | Craig, Samuel | Crow, John

Ford, William | Gaines, Robert | Galbreath, Hugh | Gay, James | Gay, Thomas | Giles, William | Gilmore, James | Givens, James | Glazebrook, James | Good, John | Goodnight, Michael

Hartman, Joseph | Huntsman, Josiah | Huston, Mary | Husten, Nathan

Jackson, James | Jackson, Joseph | Johnson, Noel | Kirkpatrick, James | Lair, J. A. | Lawrence, James | Lawrence, William | Linvill, Joseph | Logan, John | Logan, orphans

Manners, Alexander | Marshall, Markham | Mason, James | Mason, William | McQuarry, John | Miller, William | Montgomery, Jane | Montgomery, William | Moore, Robert

Nicholson, James | Penington, Timothy | Pernal, William | Pinor, John | Pope, Abraham | Pope, Henry | Preston, John | Proctor, Micajah | Reese, John | Right, John | Robertson, Hannah

Shackleford, William | Smith, Henry | Smith, John | Southerland, Uriah | Stephenson, David | Stuart, John | Templin, John | Tibbs, Foushee | Wilson, George | Wyatt, William 

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