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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Misc. Kentucky Information

This collection comes from various sources, such as the Georgia State Archives, Regional Libraries, information sent to professional genealogist and author, Jeannette Holland Austin as well as her own personal folders, now all merged into one source and available to members of Kentucky Pioneers

* Allison, William Henry of Mercer County
* Bacon, John Mosby
* Barnes, Joseph of Knox County
* Beattie, Lily Rogers S. of Louisville
* Benet, James Walker
* Berry of Woodford County, Pedigree Chart
* Boone, Daniel of Mason County
* Brashear, Richard L. of Bowling Green
* Bratcher, Oliver
* Brown of Woodford County, Pedigree Chart
* Brown, James F. or Warren County
* Brown, Preston of Lexington
* Bruce, Helm of Louisville
* BUllitt, Henry Massie
* Clay, William Rogers of Fayette County
* Cook, Minnie G. of Louisville
* Crace, Shadwick Wilson of Maguffin County
* Dixon Families
* Dorr, Kate Sturm McCall of Mt. Vernon
* DuPont, Thomas Coleman of Louisville
* Garrard, Joseph of Clay County
* Helm, Thomas Kennedy of Louisville
* Holding, James of Scott County
* Hoskins
* Hurst of Morgan County
* Kenton, Simon
* Kenton, Simon's Indian Lineage
* Kidwell, Leonard of Madison County
* Lawson of Wolfe County
* Lockhart, John C. of Logan County
* Martin, Eliza C. of Oldham County
* Massie, Nathaniel of Mason County
* McLean, James B. of Elkton
* McDowell, Hervery of Cynthiania
* McDowell, William Adair of Louisville
* Mcdowell, William C. of Lexington
* Morgan of Owsley County
* Newcomb, Matilda Florence C.
* Rotan, Kate Sturm McCall of Mt. Vernon
* Sherrill, descendant of Adam
* Slusher, Jacob of Harlan County
* Snawder, Thomas
* Wade, William of Madison County
* Wicker of Montgomery County
* Wilkins of VA, KY, IL, MO

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Gedcom Files of Kentucky Families

This Gedcom collection is the private traced genealogy collection of Jeannette Holland Austin. The files are currently being gathered to add to this website. Subscribers of Kentucky Pioneers may view and/or download the files.

* Adair of GA, SC, VA
* Camp of America; the emigrant into USA, hundreds of families. Begins 1559 in England; goes to early 1900's. (356,752 bytes)
* Evans, descendants of Arden Evans of MD
* Lane of GA,NC,AL
* Mckinney
* Roquemore
* Stegall
* Williams of VA, GA

Monday, May 17, 2010

Adair Family

The Adair family descends from Robert Adair who was born ca 1360 in Galloway, Scotland. He was Sheriff there in 1426 and was married to a daughter of the most noble house in Scotland, the house of Argyle. According to tradition, Robert Adair fought a duel with the White Knight at the town of Adair,which was located on the Desmond Estate in Limerick Co., Ireland. From there, the family descends to Niegello Adair of Portre, Inverness, Scotland and down through the ages into Pennsylvania, Virginia, Kentucky and Georgia. The entire genealogy is available to members of Georgia Pioneers   and includes photos, movies and the gedcom file which may be downloaded.

Tomb of Governor John Adair in Frankfort, Kentucky

Sunday, May 16, 2010

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Friday, May 7, 2010

Gheen Mausoleum

Charles W. Gheens (1837-1927) build this mausoleum when he was 37
years old. Cave Hill Cemetery, Louisville, Kentucky.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Kentucky Genealogies

The following genealogies are available to members of Kentucky Pioneers

Akers - Louisville
Barrick - Versailles & Perryville
Bell - Shelby Co.
Breckinridge - Lexington
Bullitt - Louisville
Callaway, Job
Clark/La Nauze - Louisville
Collings of Spencer Co.
Cottrell of Daviess Co.
Courtney - Louisville
Crenshaw, Cornelius
Davis - Jessamine Co.
Fowler of Louisville
Graham of Washington Co.
Harrison of Daviess Co.
Hawkins of Woodford Co.
Hedges - Bourbon Co.
Hoge - Oldham Co.
Holstein - Fayette Co.
Huie - Jefferson Co.
Hundley - Louisville
Jacob - Louisville
Jesse of Woodford Co.
Jones - Clark Co.
Kimbley of Daviess Co.
Lawson - Greenup
Lee of Bracken Co.
ligon.html">Ligon of Henderson Co.
Ligon, William
Love, William
Love of Crittenden Co.
Lyle - Allen Co.
Milton - Lexington & Fayetteville
Moore, Robert
Moore of Christian Co.
Morgan - Fayette Co.
Nightingdale - Louisville
Pottenger, Akers - Nelson Co.
Quisenberry - Georgetown & Winchester
Robinson - Jefferson Co.
Robinson - Louisville
Scott - Louisville & Owensville
Self of Daviess Co.
Shelby - Lexington
Short - Lee Co.
Steenhuis, Jacob
Stice, Germany to America
Taylor, James Watson - Louisville
Wilson - Louisville