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Monday, December 9, 2019

Fleming County KY Wills, Estates (images) #kygenealogy #kentuckypioneerscom

Fleming County Genealogy, Wills, Estates, Distributions, Inventories, Guardianships

Map of Fleming County

Fleming County was founded in 1798 and named after Colonel John Fleming, an Indian fighter and early settler to Kentucky. The land was taken from Mason County. The county seat is Flemingsburg and the first court house was constructed with logs.

Indexes to Wills, Estates, Guardianships, Distributions

  • Book A, 1798 to 1815
  • Book B, 1816 to 1822
  • Book C, 1823 to 1829
  • Book D, 1829 to 1834

Images of Fleming County Wills and Estates, Book A, 1798 to 1816

Alexander, William*Armstrong, Robert*Axley, ElyBaker, Charlies*Barnes, Joshua*Barnes, Samuel*Bateman, Thomas*Bazle, William*Beard, Philip*Bell, Benjamin D.*Bell, M.*Benham, Amariah*Bennington, William*Bevins, Sally*Brevard, Adam*Brevard, William*Bridges, Dillen*Bright, Edward*Brown, D. G.*Brown, James*Brown, Manly*Brown, John*Brown, M.*Burke, William*Burrington, William*Butler, Thomas*Carter, James*Carter, Thomas*Chapman, NathanChapman, William*Clare, Andrew*Clarke, Thomas*Cobyn, Benjamin*Collins, James*Collins, John*Constant, John*Cornwall, Thomas*Cothran, Robert*Cotteman, John*Curry, Susanna*Dale, James*Davis, John*Dawkins, Thomas*Denard, Margaret*Dickson, James*Donevan, Philip*Dudley, William*Dudley, Will*Dunbar, Alexander*Dunbar, James*Duncan, William*Elijah, Moses*Emmers, James*Evans, Esbert*Evans, Isaac*Evans, Robert*Faris, William*Farrow, ThorntonFerguson, John*Ferguson, Joseph*Finney, Thomas*Fix, Stephen*Floyd, Thomas*Fuller, George*Fulton, orphans*Furlow, Robert*Furr, EdwinGallagher, John*Goddard, John*Gooding, Abraham*Gooding, John*Gore, Andrew*Gordon, James*Gray, David*Gray, Isaac*Green, John Bishop*Green, Richard*Gully, Thomas*Hambuck, William*Hamm, Joseph*Hannock, John*Harper, William*Harvey, William*Hillecoes, Jacob*Hillison, George*Hinton, Eli*Hitt, Charlie*Hornbuckle, Solomon*Horton, Benjamin*Hudnut, Richard*Jenkins, Thomas*Johnston, Daniel*Jordan, Jared*Lee, James*Leforge, Abraham*Levins, Vincent*Lewis, James*Little, Henry*Loftis, William*Logan, H.*MaGowen, James*Markwell, Amelia*Markwell, William*Marquit, Landy*Marshall, Robert*McAlister, James*McCorkle, John*McCottister, James*McCollum, Seth*McDaniel, Thomas*McDonald, George*McDonald, Thomas*McGowen, James*McIntire, Joseph*McKibbens, Joseph*McKinney, Christina*Miller, Robert*Mills, Thomas*Mims, John*Mooney, John*Morehead, William*Morgan, Levin*Morgan, Simon*Morgan, William*Morrison, Robert*Murphy, Sampson*Norwood, Philip*Orr, William*Park, Hugh*Penland, Alexander**Plemmons, James*Plummer, Abraham*Plummer, Benjamin*Plummer, George*Plummer, Isaac*Plummer, James*Porter, Bridget*Pouldon, John*Price, John*Rawlins, William*Ray, William*Reed, Benjamin*Reed, Jacob*Reed, orphans*Reeves, ElijahRoberson, David*Robinson, Andrew*Roe, Joshua*Ruby, Thomas*Ruddell, George*Scofield, Daniel Henry*Scott, Joseph*Scott, William*Seybold, Jasper*Shannon, Patrick*Simon, John*Smith, Robert*Snider, Stephen*Snyder, Christopher*Spencer, Philemon*Steel, David*Stevens, John*Stewart, David*Stockwell, John*Sweet, Benjamin*Sweet, Martha*Sweet, William*Talton, Hugh*Tapley, James*Taylor, Joshua*Terhune, Albert*Thomas, Patrick*Tilman, NehemiahTilson, Samuel*Tully, Samuel*Turner, James*Vanicoe, Frederick*Van Landingham, George*Vincent, Thomas*Walker, James*Walker, William*Weaver, George*Williams, Daniel*Williams, Hazel*Williams, John*Wilson, John*Wilson, Thomas*Wilson, William*Wishard, Joseph*Wishard, William*Wright, James*Yarbrough, Randle*

Images of Fleming County Wills and Estates, Book A, 1798 to 1816

Alexander, William*Bell, William O.*Brown, Cyrus*Clarke, Benjamin*Dale, James*Davis, Samuel*Deck, Jonathan*Graham, James*Hilliard, George*Hinton, Zachariah*Howe, John*Jernigan, Thomas*Jones, Ignatius*Jordan, Gerard*Loftis, William*Markwell, William*McCorkle, William*Park, Hugh*Penland, Mims*Pettitt, James*Pettitt, Jonathan*Rabourn, David*Rawlins, William*Reed, Robert*Rickson, George*Stockton, George*Swim, John*Terhune, Albert*Terhune, Alexander*Triplet, Presby*Tully, Israel*Turis, John*Vantrim, Frederick*Vincent, Levin*Walker, William*Walton, John*Watson, William*Wishard William*

Images of Fleming County Wills and Estates, Book C, 1823 to 1829

Alexander, William*Allen, Joseph*Allen, Thomas*Ashley, Thomas*Bagswell, Joel*Ballentine, Thomas*Barton, John*Beard, Delilah*Beckner, Henry*Bell, James D.*Bell, James H.*Bell, William D.*Bellon, George*Bonan, Amariah*Botts, George W.*Boyd, Daniel*Brand, Thomas*Brevard, Joshua*Brown, John*Brown, MeshackCampbell, James*Carter, Thomas*Clancy, William*Clarke, Benjamin*Cochran, John*Constant, John*Coulter, William*Crain, Samuel*Dale, Uriah*Darsey, Leaken*Davis, James Sr.*Debells, James H.*DeBells, Nancy*Dickins, John*Disbon, James*Dixon, Harvey*Duly, Zadok*Duncan, Margaret*Emmons, Jesse*Emmons, Joseph*Emmons, William*Evans, John*Evans, Robert*Faris, James*Faris, John*Farrow, Thornton*Ferguson, F.*Ferguson, Thomas*Fleming, John D.*Fouck, William Sr.*Franklin, Thomas*Fulton, Hugh*Fyffe, James*Fyffe, Jonathan*Garvin, John*Gills, Samuel*Gimble, Dorothy*Glascock, Matilda*Goddard, John*Gooch, Thomas*Goslin, Joseph*Green, Francis*Green, Frankey*Green, Thomas*Hamilton, James*Hays, Thomas*Hendricks, Phillip*Henry, Samuel*Hinton, Vachel*Hitt, Charlie*House, Jonathan W.*Howard, Gideon*Howe, J. W.*Hunt, Henry*Huntsman, Robert*Hurst, Henry*Hurst, William*Jackson, Thomas*James, John*Johnston, Jonathan*Jones, Daniel*Jones, heirs*Jones, Stephen*Kendall, Peter*Kennon, William*Latham, George*Lee, orphans*Lee, Randall*Logan, heirs*Loyd, Thomas*Magehee, Charlis*Markwell, Amelia*Markwell, Landen*Martinez, James*Matthews, James*McAtiney, James*McCarty, David*McCarty, Nathaniel*McClary, John*McCorkle, William*McCracken, Charlie*McFarlow, Robert*McGehee, Charlie*McGowen, James*McIntyre, Daniel*McIntyre, John*Miller, Benjamin*Miller, William*Morgan, George*Morrison, James*Morrison, Robert*Moss, Moses*Mullagan, William*Muse, George*Newcomb, Daniel*Newman, Judith*Park, William C.*Parker, William*Parsons, Isaiah*Patton, James*Peck, Daniel Sr.*Penland, William*Philson, James*Plummer, George*Plummer, Samuel*Pollett, Jonathan*Polley . . . more . . .

Index to Kentucky Wills and Estates

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Monday, December 2, 2019

Images of Fayette County KY Wills and Estates #kygenealogy #kentuckypioneerscom

Fayette County Wills, Estates, Deeds, Marriages, Paymaster Records

LexingtonFayette County was one of the original three counties created from the former Kentucky County, Virginia by the Virginia Act in 1780, along with Jefferson and Lincoln counties. Together they separated from Virginia in 1792 to become the state of Kentucky.Originally, Fayette County included land which makes up 37 present-day counties and portions of 7 others. It was reduced to its present boundaries in 1799. The county is named after Marquis de LaFayette who came to America to join the rebelling English colonies in the American Revolutionary War.On January 1, 1974, Fayette County merged its government with that of its county seat of Lexington, creating a consolidated city-county governed by the Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government.

Fayette County Kentucky Probate Records available to members of Kentucky Pioneers

Paymaster Records from the War of 1812

  • 42nd Regiment Militia of 1811
  • 42nd Regiment Militia of 1813


  • Recorded in Book 1, 1795 to 1801
  • Recorded in Bond Box, 1803 to 1850
  • Miscellaneous 1820 to 1841

Indexes of Probate Records

  • Wills and Estates 1793 to 1808
  • Wills and Estates 1809 to 1813

Images of Wills, Estates, Inventories, Book A, 1793 to 1808

Testators: Adams, Alexander;Applegate, James;Barker, Nathaniel;Bartlett, Henry;Beard, Sarah; Beasley, Augustine; Bell, John;Boulware, William;Bradshaw, Jane' Bradshaw, John;Breckinridge, John; Bright, Nicholas;Bruce, George; Bryant, Morgan" Cade, Charles; Caldwell, John; Camper, Henry; Capell, Martin; Chinn, Milly; Clark, John;Clark, William;Clarke, John;Clugett, Ninion;Crawford, James;Crockett, Winder;Curry, Nicholas;Davis, Samuel;Denchman, Jacob;Ellis, William;Epperson, Richard;Epperson, Susannah;Erwin, James;Ferguson, Jonah;Fitzgerald, William;Franks, Elizabeth;Frye, William;Fullerton, William;Gardner, Alexander;George, January;George, Morris;Gillispie, David;Goodin, Martin;Grant, Rebecca;Grant, William;Graves, Thomas;Gwyn, Morris;Haley, William;Hammond, James;Harrison, Hugh;Harrison, Thomas;Hart, Thomas;Henderson, John;Herndon, Thomas;Higgins, Joel;Hill, James;Hillock, Henry;Holder, Sophia;Hollyman, William;Hufford, Ann;Hunter, George;Irvin, James;January, Peter;Jenkins, William;Johnson, John;Kelly, Katherine;Kersner, Casper;Laughlin, Peter;Lingerfelter, Bernard;Lowry, James;Lowry, Stephen;Lucas, Susannah;Luggett, James;Lyle, Robert;MacFarlane, George;Marshall, Henry;Mason, Edmond;Maxfield, George;McCann, Joseph;McConnell, Elizabeth;McCrosky, Samuel;McCullough, Patrick;McDaniel, Reuben;McMurtry, Joseph;McNair, John;Megowan, Robert;Metter, William;Miller, John;Miller, William;Mitchell, William;Moffett, Walter;Montgomery, James;Moon, Archibald;Moore, William;Morris, Daniel;Murphy, Nancy;Nance, John;Nance, Joseph;Neal, Charles;Noe, Randell;Nuttle, Elijah;Parker, James;Parker, Robert;Parrish, John;Parrish, William;Parish, Patsy;Payne, Edward;Payne, Sanford;Pool, Thomas;Prather, Jeremiah;Rankin, Jeremiah;Redman, Benjamin;Reyburk, Adam;Rice, Elizabeth;Robinson, David;Rogers, Bird;Scott, Andrew;Scott, Elizabeth;Scott, William;Sertz, John;Shaw, Nathaniel;Sidenor, Martin;Simpson, Samuel;Smith, Benjamin;Smith, Guy;Smith, James;Smith, Jane;Smith, Mary;Smith, William;Springer, Edward;Spurr, Richard;Steele, Andrew;Stevens, John;Stuart, William;Telford, Joseph;Todd, John;Todd, Levi;Todd, Mary;Turner, Catharine;Vance, John;Vanlindingham, James;Vanlendengham, Richard;Vivion, John;Vonphul, Catharine;Ward, William;Webb, Charles;Webb, John;Webster, John;Webster (estate);Whiteside, William;Whitley, William;Wilgins, John;Williams, John;Wilson, Nancy;Winn, Benjamin;Winn, George;Winn, Owen;Woods, Andrew;Young, George Sr.;Young, John;Young, William

Images of Wills, Inventories and Estates, Book B, 1809 to 1813

Testators: Alexander, John;Allen, Benjamin;Applegate, James;Arthur, John;Ashby, Nathaniel;Atwood, Elizabeth;Bacon, William;Bartholomew, Joseph;Bass, Elizabeth;Baxter, German;Baynes, M. C.;Bell, John;Berryman, James;Bindtell, John;Blanton, Carter;Blanton, Richard;Blest, Anthony;Boyce, William;Brandon, John;Breckinridge, John;Brown, Henry;Brumbarger, Frederick;Buice, George;Bullock, James;Cade, Charles;Caldwell, George;Campbell, Charles;Campbell, Robert;Camper, Lettice;Carter, Job;Carter, John;Ceander, John;Chim, William;Clark, Thomas;Clark, William;Clarke, James;Clarke, James L.;Cockwell, John;Comer, Francis;Comer, James;Curry, Nicholas;Daingerfield, William;Daviess, Joseph Hamilton;Davis, Samuel;Delisle, John;Dickey, William;Donaldson, George;Downing, James;Easter, John;Edmiston, John, Capt.;Ellis, Hezekiah;Ellis, William;Elroad, Robert;Emmons, Elias;Estes, John;Fair, Edmund;Franks, Elizabeth;Franks, John;Frey, Joseph;Frye, Jacob;Gillespie, David;Gilliam, Starke;Goodloe, Thomas;Grant, Rebecca;Grimes, Phillip;Harden, Charles;Harper, Peter;Harrison, Hezekiah;Hart, N. G. S;.Hart, Thomas;Hayden, Jeremiah;Henderson, David;Higgins, Azariah;Hill, James;Hollyman, William;Holmes, Jonathan;Humphree, John;Hunt, Robert;Johnson, Mathew;Johnson, Nathan;Jones, H.;Kay, John;Kertly, Larkin;Lay, Abraham;Legrand, John;Legrand, Peter;Lewis, Thomas;Lingenfelder, Bernard;Low, Charles;Lowry, James;Mansell, George;Martin, orphans;Mason, Charles;Matthews, John;McCann, Abediance;McCann, Joseph;McCord, John;McCoy, Kenneth;McCullough, Patrick;McDaniel, John;McMurty, George;McMurtry, Joseph;McQuiney, Thomas;Meglone, Hugh;Nicholas, George;Nichols, George;Noe, Randall;Parker, Robert;Parrish, William;Payne, Daniel McCarty;Payne, Edward;Payne, Henry;Payne, Sanford;Payne, Silas;Pemberton, William;Perry, David;Pettit, Nathaniel;Pilcher, Joshua;Prather, Baruch;Price, Christiana;Price, Philemon;Randall, Nancy;Rice, Elizabeth;Robinson, David;Roffe, Rebecca;Roffe, William;Ross, William;Rose, James;Scott, Andrew;Smith, Benjamin and Mary;Smith, Benjamin;Smith, Dorcas;Smith, Elijah;Smith, Jane;Smith, Martin;Smith, Mary;Spencer, Daniel;Springle, John;Steele, Richard;Stone, John;Statham, Charles;Taylor, Asa;Taylor, Ignatius;Taylor, Phillip;Tegarden, George;Thompson, Hugh;Thompson, James;Tilford, Joseph;Todd, John;Todd, William;Tomlinson, Elijah;Tomlinson, William;Tracy, Anthony;Tundy, William;Turner, Catharine;Vance, Joseph;Vance, Robert;Vaughn, Lewis;Wallace, James;Wasson, James;Welsh, Benjamin;West, Elizabeth;Whiteside, William;Wingate, Camrod;Wood, Andrew;Young, George;Young, Richard Sr.;Young, orphans

Index to Kentucky Wills and Estates

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Monday, November 25, 2019

Names of Daviess County KY Ancestors - Wills, Estates #kygenealogy #kentuckypioneerscom

Daviess County, Kentucky Wills, Estates, Deeds


Daviess County was formed from part of Ohio County in 1815 and was named for Abraham Owen, a Colonel who was killed at the Battle of Tippecanoe. The borders of the county were altered in 1829 to form Hancock County in order to absorb a small area surrounding Whitesville, and again in 1854 to cede land to McLean County. Then, in 1860 it annexed forty-four square miles from Henderson County. The county seat is Owensboro.

Apparently there was a loss of records from about 1815 to 1842 when certain last wills and testaments were destroyed. Those listed below were recovered.

Daviess County Probate Records available to members of Kentucky Pioneers

Digital Images of Daviess County Wills and Estates, 1812 to 1872 - Destroyed documents refiled-

Testators: Allen, Robert | Allen, William | Anderson, Dangerfield | Ashby, Houston | Austin, Francis | Baird, William | Banks, C. R. | Barker, Elizabeth | Bassett, Abner | Beauchamp, William | Bell, Harvey | Bell, Richard | Bell, William | Bingham, Thomas | Brand, John | Bristow, Jasper | Brooks, Isham | Bunn, William | Burten, Bassett | Carr, William | Cassaday, Joseph | Chilton, Joseph | Clay, Thomas | Conway, F. F. | Cooms, William | Crabtree, Isaac | Curry, Peter | Curry, William | Dade, Lawson| Daniel, William | Davies, Baster | Davis, Baxter | Davis, Jacob | Davis, James | Decker, Christopher | Dulany, Eliza | Duncan, Benjamin | Duncan, Charles | Easter, Littleton | Faith, William | Fenwick, Ignatius | Flynn, Eugene | Foley, John | Ford, Jesse | Ford, John | Ford, Rachel | Griffith, Joshua | Griffith, Remus | Griffith, W. R. | Hagan, Silvester | Hansford, Stephen | Harris, William | Hawes, Albert | Hawes, Charles | Hawes, Richard | Hayden, Philip | Haynes, William | Head, Henry | Herd, George | Higdon, Thomas Sr. | Hobbs, Horatio | Howard, Groves | Howard, Mark | Howard, William | Huston, James | Huston, Mary | Huston, William | Jackson, George | Johnson, Archer | Johnson, James M. | Johnson, Susan | Jones, Hannah | Kelley, George | Kennady, Samuel Dyson | Kirkhead, Wesley | Knott, James | Knott, Mary | Lanham, William | Lashbrook, John | Lashbrook, Malinda | Law, William | Lee, John | Little, George | Little, Jonas | Lumpkin, Thomas | Lumpkin, William | Masser, Mary | May, John | McCormick, John | McCrury, Elijah | McDaniel, James | McFarlane, Franky | McFarlane, John | McFarlane, Lucy | Millay, James | Millay, Thomas | Miller, Nancy | Miller, William | Mitchell, Gideon | Montgomery, Thomas F. | Mosley, Samuel | Mosley, Thomas | Moyers, Abraham | Newlett, George | Newton, Benjamin Newton, William | Nunn, Richard | Overly, William | Owen, Preston | Payne, Cornelius |Payne, John | Peterson, John | Pitts, Jesse | Priest, Henry | Rafferty, James | Riley, Cynthia | Riley, George | Roberts, William | Scott, George | Sharpe, William | Shaunter, John | Shoemaker, Adam | Shoemaker, Price | Smathers, James | Smith, Peter | Stanley, Henry | Stowers, William | Talbutt, Joshua | Tapscott, William | Thomason, Martha |Thompson, Anthony | Turpin, William | Vanrysselburghe, James | Walker, John | Walston, William | Ware, John | Wedding, Thomas | Wells, Jacob | White, Henry | White, Rebeckah | Williams, Elisha | Williams, Raleigh | Worthington, William |

Index to Kentucky Wills and Estates

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Monday, November 18, 2019

Images of Cumberland Co. KY Wills, Estates #kygenealogy #kentuckypioneerscom

Cumberland County Wills, Estates, Probate Records

Burkesville, Kentucky

Cumberland County was created in 1798 from land in Green County and was named after the Cumberland River. The county seat is Burkesville.

Images of Wills, Estates, Appraisements, Inventories, Guardianships 1815-1831

Alexander, John | Akins, Joseph | Appleby, Robert | Armstrong, John | Armstrong, Stephen

Baker, John | Baker, John Jr. | Baker, Martin | Ball, William | Beck, Edward | Bickerstaff, Samuel | Bickerstaff, Samuel Sr. | Bickerstaff, Samuel Jr. | Blakey, William | Bledsoe, John | Blankenship, Abel | Bond, Hopkins | Bowman, Daniel | Bowman, Pleasant | Brummal, Chastian

Campbell, William | Cary, Wilson | Chamberlin, William | Chandler, John | Chandler, Thomas | Clarry, Samuel | Cory, Edward | Conner, Lawrence |Cowen, William | Craig, William | Creech, Jesse | Crouch, Elijah

Daning, James | Daugherty, Charles | Davis, John | de Graffenreid, Francis | de Graffenreid, Tabitha | Dougherty, Joseph

Elliott, Samuel | Elliott, Thomas | Ellison, Amos | Emerson, Francis | English, Benjamin | Evans, Leroy

Ferrill, William | Fletcher, Fanny | Flowers, Edward | Ford, William | Forsnaught, John | Frogg, William

Galbraith, Robert | Gee, James | Gee, Jesse | Goodson, William | Green, George | Groce, Henry | Guthery, Adam

Haggard, Rice | Hall, Joseph | Harvey, John | Haygood, Robert |Hays, William Sr. | Hibbits, William | Hill, Archibald | Hill, Barber |Hillis, John | Hix, Richard | Hopkins, Arthur | Hopkins, William | Howard, James | Howard, Reubin |Howard, Robert S. | Hunter, John

Irwin, John | Jacob, Patrick | Johnston, Joseph | Johnston, Michael | Johnston, Thomas

Keen, Samson | King, John E. | King, Milton | King, William | Lafferty, Alexander | Lafferty, Samuel | Lafferty, Sarah | Lloyd, Willis

Martin, David | Mays, William | Maxwell, N. | McColly, Cornelius | Miller, Richard A. | Millon, Christopher | Murphy, James

Newby, Martin | Noland, James | Norris, Zebulon | Pace, John | Page, John | Philpot, Zachariah | Pickens, Joseph | Pickens, Thomas

Ray, Nathaniel | Reynolds, George | Ritchey, Elizabeth | Robertson, Arthur | Robertson, Walthall | Robinson, George H. | Rowland, Elizabeth |  . . . more . . .

Index to Kentucky Wills and Estates

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Monday, November 11, 2019

Images of Christian County KY Wills and Estates #kygenealogy #kentuckypioneerscom

Images of Christian County Wills, Estates, Annual Returns, Inventories

MarkerChristian County was formed in 1797 and was for Colonel William Christian, a native of Augusta County, Virginia, and a veteran of the Revolutionary War who settled near Louisville, Kentucky in 1785, and was killed by Native Americans in southern Indiana in 1786. The county seat is Hopkinsville.

Miscellaneous Resource to Find Estates, etc.
  • 1797 and 2798
Indexes to Wills and Estates
  • Book A, 1797 to 1811
  • Book C, 1816 to 1823
  • Book D, 1823 to 1826
Wills & Estates Book D, 1823 to 1826

Adams, AbramBlakey, ConstanceBlakey, ThomasBooker, Thomas
Boyd, EdwardBradley, BenjaminBradley, SamuelBroaddus, E.
Bryant, AbnerBurden, Samuel D.Callaway, EdmundCollins, Thomas
Cocke, ThomasCook, MordecaiCrowder, ThomasDallam, Francis
Davis, JaneDeaver, WilliamDickerson, SylvanusDorsey, Alexander
Dover, WilliamEdward, JohnFaulkner, SarahFinley, William
Foster, JeremiahHarrison, JosiahHay, PeterHay (or Kay), Robert
Henry, DanielHenry, WilliamJacobs, BenjaminJones, Anthony D.
Lander, HenryLewis, AndresLoffters, GeorgeLookwood, Sylvanus
Loving, WilliamMallory, JohnMartin, ElizabethMcCarroll, Thomas
McCarty, JohnMcLaughlin, ThomasMcMahan, JohnMNeill, Dorothy
Meacham, JohnMeases, WilliamMiller, Samuel A.Neill, Henry W.
Parrish, MatthewPatton, BenjaminPayne, JamesPorter, Jesse
Price, ArchibaldRamsey, EdwardRily, IsaacRodgers, Robert
Smith, BarnettSmith, CharlesSmith, ElijahSteele, Archidald
Steele, MosesStephenson, MosesStevenson, SaraTalbot, Richard
West, ClaiborneWood, SallyWoodson, ObadiahYork, Benjamin
. . . more . . .

Index to Kentucky Wills and Estates

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Monday, November 4, 2019

Images of Campbell Co. KY Wills, Estates #kygenealogy #kentuckypioneerscom

Campbell County Wills, Estates, Probate Records

Newport, KentuckyCampbell County was formed on December 17, 1794 two years after the creation of the Commonwealth of Kentucky. It was taken from sections of Scott, Harrison, and Mason Counties and was named for Colonel John Campbell (1735 to 1799), a Revolutionary War soldier and Kentucky Legislator. The original county included all of present Boone, Kenton, Pendleton, and most of Bracken and Grant counties. The county seat of Wilmington survived from 1794 to 1797 and its court house was built of logs, later replaced in 1815 by a brick structure. Newport was the county seat until 1823 when it was removed to Visalia. This site was unpopular and the county seat was returned to Newport in 1824, lasting until 1840. In 1840, Kenton County was created, primarily out of a significant portion of Campbell. The Kentucky General Assembly then forced the county to move its seat to Alexandria, closer to the center of the new, smaller Campbell County. In 1883, after years of lobbying, the General Assembly established a special provision to allow Newport to designate a Court House District separate from the offices in Alexandria.

Campbell County Probate Records available to members of Kentucky Pioneers

Tax Records
  • Names of Insolvents for 1804, 1811, 1818, 1821
Indexes to Probate Records
  • Wills, Estates, Inventories 1794 to 1820
Images of Wills, Estates, Inventories 1894 to 1820Testators:Allen (infant) | Allen, David | Ally, Samuel, Captain | Anderson, Jacob | Anderson, John |Armstrong, John | Arnold, Elisha | Bagby, Robert | Baker, John |Beall, Benjamin | Beall, Jeanette | Beaver, John |Benham, Peter | Berry, Washington | Blanchard, Abiel | Bobet, Randolph | Buckner, George | Cahill, James | Campbell, Colen | Campbell, John |Cleveland, Levi |Cloud, William |Colvin, Lewis |Cooper, Benjamin |Cooper, Christopher |Cormely, Michael |Coursey, William |Curry, William |Davis, Joseph |Dickens, Charles |Dickerson, William |Dickinson, Arche |Dixon, Henry |Duckworth, Robert |Eckert, Leonard |Edmonds, John |Fleming, James |Flournoy, Lucy |Foster, George |Fowler, Richard |Frier, Humphrey |Gano, John Stiles |Green, Betsy | Griffin, Thomas | Griffing, Ebenezer | Hamilton, Jesse | Harnett, Zachariah | Harper, Richard | Hume, Joel | Hume, John |Jenkins, Elizabeth |Jones, Margaret |Kennedy, Mary |Kennedy, Thomas |Kennedy, William |Kenney, Robert |Kent, Susanna |Kinkaid, Andrew |Klette, Frederick | Knight, Jacob |Leathers, John |Leathers, John Sr. |Leathers, Joshua |Leathers,Thomas |Leitch, David |Lindsey, Thomas |Lucas, Lewis M. |Lynn, Nathan |Mardes, Wilson |Martin, John |McCollum, John |McDonald, George |McKay, Jacob |Merman, John |Miller, Jacob |Miller, John |Miller, Philip Jacob |Morton, David |Moseley, John C. |Moseley, Thomas |Nelson, Anne Nelson, John |Nelson, Meredith |Nunamaker, Lewis |Osborn, James |Paul, John |Pearcefield, Vallentine |Peek, George |Perry, Samuel |Ponder, John |Powell, Micajah |Revelle, Randle |Reynolds, Jonah |Rice, Lewis |Richardson, John |Rosell, John |Rust, Enos |Sandford, Thomas |Stephens, William Sr. |Shepherd, Joseph |Smith, James |Spilman, James |Stewart, Hugh |Stubbs, Robert |Swan, Hugh |Swing, Samuel |Talbert, Abner |Talbot, John |Taylor, Caleb |Taylor, Edmund |Taylor, G. E. |Taylor, James |Terry, David |Thatcher, Daniel |Trail, Osburn |Turner, Alexander |Turner, Rowlen |Vadin, Hennery |Vickelthymn, Levi |Vice, Nathaniel |Vickers, Moses |York, John |Wagoner, Catharine |Wagoner, Phillip |White, Robert |White, Thomas |Willison, Richard |Wilson, Samuel

Index to Kentucky Wills and Estates

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Monday, October 28, 2019

Bullitt County KY Wills, Estates #kygenealogy #kentuckyPioneerscom

Bullitt County Wills, Estates, Deeds

Bullitt's LickBullitt County was founded in 1796 and the county seat is Shepherdsville. It was named after the nephew of Thomas Bullitt, Governor Alexander Scott Bullitt, who served as the first Lieutenant Governor. The land was taken from Jefferson and Nelson counties through an act approved on December 13, 1796 by the Kentucky General Assembly. In 1811, the northwestern area of the county expanded to include land given by Jefferson County and in 1824 an eastern area of the county was given to help form Spencer County.

Bullitt County Wills and Estates available to members of Kentucky Pioneers

Indexes to Probate Records
  • Wills, Estates, Inventories 1796 to 1823
  • Wills, Estates, Inventories 1823 to 1838
Images of Bullitt County wills, Estates, Inventories, Book A, 1796 to 1823

Testators:Allender, Thomas | Allison, Enoch | Allison, Richard | Anderson, Josiah |Ash, Jacob |Baird, David | Bane, Thomas | Baugh, Richard | Bayne, Henry | Beats, John | Beckwith, Daniel |Beckwith, John | Botches, Thomas | Brashea, Marsham |Brasheans, Mary | Bredwell, George | Brown, Benjamin | Brown, HughBrown, James | Brown, John | Buckner, Marsham |Buscoe, Samuel | Carpenter, Joel |Carpenter, Margaret . . . more . . .

Index to Kentucky Wills and Estates

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Monday, October 21, 2019

Breckinridge Co. KY Wills, Estates, Deeds - Images - Genealogy #kentuckypioneerscom

Breckinridge County Wills, Estates, Deeds

BreckinridgeBreckinridge County was established in 1799 from a portion of Hardin County. When Abraham Lincoln was seven years old, his father, Thomas Lincoln and his family spent a few weeks in Hardinsburg and occupied a small cabin near what is now the Kentucky FFA Leadership Training Camp. The Lincolns left Kentucky by crossing the Ohio River at Cloverport on a log ferry operated by Jacob Weatherholt. The Confederate Army burned the local court being used by Union troops as barracks during the War Between the States. The third court house was burned in 1958. The county is known for its Victoria Coal Mines, named after Queen Victoria, when the Cloverport exported coal oil used to light Buckingham Palace. 

Indexes to Probate Records

Wills, Estates, Inventories, Appraisements, Guardianships, Appraisements, Book No. 2, 1895 to 1935

Wills, Estates, Inventories, Appraisements, Guardianships, Appraisements, Book No. 3, 1936 to 1966 (Images) - 1-53 | 54-110 | 111-116 | 162-215 | 216-314 | 315-391 | 392-476 | 477-500 | 487-501 | 521-642

Wills, Estates, Inventories, Appraisements, Guardianships, Appraisements, Book No. 4, 1966 to 1975(Images) - 1-9 | 10-19 | 20-29 | 30-39 | 40-49 | 50-59 | 60-69 | 70-79 | 80-89 | 90-99 | 100-199 | 200-299 | 300-399 | 400-499 | 500-599 | 600-171

Images of Wills, Estates, Inventories, Appraisements, Guardianships, Appraisements, Book 1, 1800 to 1893

Addison, Robert | Ader, David | Adkisson, William Sr. | Aiken, Courtney | Alexander, Charles | Alexander, Hardin | Alexander, Philip | Alexander, Thomas | Allen, Allen | Allen, Joseph | Allen, Jeremiah | Alvey, Thomas | Amen, William | Anderson, George | Ascott, Margaret 

Baker, George C. P. | Barber, John | Barger, Andrew | Barlow, Samuel | Barnes, Edmund | Barr, Adam Jr. | Barr, George | Basham, Francis | Basham, Hannah | Basham, William | Bassett, James Bassham, Littleberry | Bates, Benjamin | Bates, Samuel H. | Beacham, Bartlett | Beale, Elizabeth | Beard, James Sr. | Beard, Nehemiah Bealcher, Fielding | Bealcher, William | Beauchamp, Alexander | Beavin, Henry | Benley, Christiann | Bennett, Edgar | Berren, Jacob | Best, Joseph | Betbell, Samuel | Bevin, Felix | Bevin, Rachael | Bevins, Samuel | Blain, Michael | Blain, William | Blanford, John | Blevins, Thomas | Board, Harrison L. | Board, Henderson | Board, James | Board, William | Bomour, George | Bonner, Robert | Bosinger, Jacob | Brack, James C. | Branfield, John | Brasher, Peter | Bratcher, Buford | Brown, Gideon | Brown, Mary | Bruce, Catharine | Bruce, Hiram | Bruce, William Bruner, John | Burbage, Elizabeth Ann Waltern | Burch, Henley | Burch, James F. | Burditt, Stephen | Burnett, John L. | Burton, Edward | Burton, George | Butler, James Butler, Margaret  . . . more . . .

Index to Kentucky Wills and Estates

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Boyle County KY Wills, Estates #kygenealogy #kentuckypioneerscom

Boyle County Genealogy, Wills, Estates, Deeds, Marriages

Boyle CountyBoyle County was formed on February 15, 1842 from sections of Lincoln and Mercer Counties and was named after John Boyle, Congressman, Chief Justice of the Kentucky Court of Appeals and U. S. District Judge.The courthouse fire in 1860 resulted in the loss of some county records and the earliest surviving records began in 1842. The county seat is Danville, Kentucky.

Some early settlers were: Baker Ewing, Gabriel Lackey, Evan Rogers, Thomas Collins, James Crawford, Dennis Hedgeman, Nathan Douglas, Henry Harlan, Frederick Pipperdan, William McGrath and Henry Harlan.

Kentucky Wills and Estates Available to Members of Kentucky Pioneers


  • Marriages from Court House in Danville, Kentucky 1842 to 1844


  • Miscellaneous Deeds and Other Documents

Digital Images of Boyle County Wills 1842 to 1864

Alexander, Cloe | Anderson, John | Ball, Caroline | Ball, Daniel | Ball, Martha | Ball, Mary | Ball, Thomas | Ballerton, William | Barbour, James | Barbour, Letitia | Bellis, Peter | Bellis, Sarah | Beswick, Elizabeth | Bilbo, John | Bilbo, Mary | Bolling, Dread | Bolling, Richard | Bottom, John | Bottom, William | Braxdale, John Sr. Brown, Elizabeth | Brown, George | Bruce, Charles | Burch, Mary | Burnett, James | Caldwell, Charles | Caldwell, James | Caldwell, Samuel | Carter, Charles | Chatham, Benjamin | Chiles, Elizabeth | Clark, Francis Sr. | Clarkstone, Drury | Clemons, Osburn | Collins, Harriet | Collins, Thomas | Coulter, Thomas | Cowan, Elizabeth | Cowan, Henry | Cowan, Thomas | Craig, Rachel | Crane, Nelson | Crawford, James | Crawford, William | Cudlip, George | Donighy, George | Douglas, Nathan | Downey, James | Downton, Thomas | Dunn, Jane | Durham, Benjamin | Durham, John | Erwin, John | Ewing, Baker | Fields, Henry | Fields, James Jr. | Fields, Susan | Fisher, Elias | Fisher, Jesh | Fisher, Stephen | Fitton, Benjamin | Fountaine, Mathew | French, Edward | Funk, Fanny | Gains, Elmira | Gill, Nancy | Graham, Theresa | Games, Ezekiel | Grant, John | Graves, James | Gray, James | Gray, Jane | Gray, Robert | Hailey, Enoch |Hall, John | Hammer, Sarah | Harlan, Davis | Harlan, Elijah | Harlan, Henry | Harlan, John | Harlan, Mary | Harman, William | Harrison, Thomas | Harrod, Ann | Hawkins, Ann | Heaten, Winiford | Hedgeman, Dennis | Henderson, Charles | Henderson, Elizabeth | Heron, Samuel | Hocker, Samuel | Hopes, Michael | Humble, Mary | Hurly, Leah | Hutton, Sarrah | Irvin, James | Irvine, Abram | Irvin, John | Jackson, Aaron | Johnson, Anthony | Kerr, Patrick | Kerr, Priscilla | King, John | Knox, Isabella | Knox, Robert | Lackey, Gabriel | Laurence, Mary | Lay, Martin | Laws, Jeremiah | Lind, Margaret St. Clair | Lind, Mary St. Clair | Long, Jacob | Luvmery, William | Marrs, James | Martin, Jane | Mays, James | McCall, William | McClanahan, Thomas | McClane, Elizabeth | McDowell, Joseph |McDowell, Sarah | McGinnis, Jesse | McGinnis, Mary | McGinnis, Samuel | McGrath, William | McKay, John | Means, John | Meaux, Walter |Mock, John | Montgomery, Jane |Moore, Lawson | Moore, Margaret | Moore, Samuel | Moorhead, John | Morrow, Margaret | Neff, Francis | Nield, George | Owens, Mason | Owsley, William | Pipes, Nathaniel |Pipes, William | Potts, Samuel | Prewitt, Elizabeth | Prewitt, Martha | Prewitt, Thomas | Proctor, Benjamin | Rains, James | Ramsey, Jane | Read, Ann | Read, Francis |Reed, Isabella |Reed, Thomas |Ripperdan, Daniel |Robards, Robert | Robertson, Duncan F. | Robison, Thomas Sr. | Rochester, Sarah | Rout, Malenda | Russel, D. A. | Sevier, Isaac | Smith, Ephraim | Smith, George | Smith, Henry | Smith, Jesse |Smith, John | South, John | Sparrow, Dennis | Spears, George |Spears, John | Stewart, William | Street, Nathaniel |Sweeny, William | Tadock, Carter | Tarkington, Thomas |Taylor, William | Tompkins, John |Tucker, James | Vanarsdale, Isaac O. | Wade, Jeremiah |Wade, William |Walker, Elizabeth |Walker, Mary | Walker, Robert | Wallace, Caleb | Wilhite, Nicholas | Wilhite, Rody | Williams, Fanny | Williams, Susan |Wingate, Esther | Witherspoon, Sarah | Yager, Joseph |Yankee, Jacob | Yeager, Frederick | Young, John | Zimmerman, James | Zimmerman, James F.

Index to Kentucky Wills and Estates

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Monday, October 7, 2019

Bourbon County KY Wills, Estates. See Names. #kygenealogy #kentuckypioneerscom

Bourbon County Wills, Estates, Marriages, Obituaries, Deaths

Paris, KentuckySome of the most beautiful country in America is in Paris, Kentucky. In 1780 the district of Kentucky belonged to three counties in Virginia, viz: Fayette, Jefferson and Lincoln. Old Bourbon County was formed in 1786 from Fayette and Bourbon Counties, Virginia, and originally comprised 34 northeastern counties of Kentucky. When the new State of Kentucky was created in 1792, Bourbon became a county. The land itself was given by Fayette County, Virginia, and was named after the French House of Bourbon in honor of the assistance which France gave to America during the Revolutionary War. The courthouse was destroyed by fire in 1872 and again in 1901, resulting in the loss of county records. Whiskey, made from corn had a distinctive flavor and became a popular drink termed Bourbon whiskey as opposed to rye whiskey. The whiskey barrels were marked Old Bourbon when they were shipped downriver from the local port on the Ohio River. The port from where the whiskey was shipped was called Limestone, now Maysville, and was located in Bourbon County until the borders were redrawn in 1789 and it became Mason County. The county seat is Paris, Kentucky.

Bourbon County Probate Records available to members of Kentucky Pioneers


  • Deaths, Obituaries and Marriages from The Bourbon News, Millersburg, Kentucky for 1882

Images of Wills, Inventories, Estates, Book A, 1786 to 1799

Allen, James Allen, James S. Allison, Charles Andrews, Jacob Armstrong, James Beasman, John Bell, Robert Black, John Boseman, John Britely, William Brown, Alexander Brown, James Brussher, James Burton, John | Castleberry, Moses Clark, Andrew M. Clifford, Robert Collins, Elijah Congleton, John Cook, William Curry, James 

Douglas, John Dowden, Thomas Duffiel, Robert Dunlap, John Evans, William Fincher, John Foler, James Franklin, Robert Furnace, Jacob 

Galloway, William Gilbert, Barney Glasgow, John Gosney, William Gregg, John Gregg, John Hayden, Nehemiah Henderson, Alexander Hinkead, Joseph Hinkson, John Homan, Ebenezer Humble, Conrad 

Jackson, John Jacoby, Ferdinand Jacoby, Francis Jameson, Samuel Jolly, David Jones, John Jones, Thomas Kellar, Isaac Kinkaid, David Kuykendall, Henry

Ladd, Samuel Lail, George Lair, Mathias Lamme, Robert Lamy, William Laughlin, James Lee, Donald Leonard, Catherine Levens,Ann Lynes, Edmond

Mauck, George McCann, John McClanahan, William McClure, Andrew McClure, WilliamMcConnel, Archibald McCullough, George McMillions, James McMullen, John McNay, Agnes McNay, John McNickle, Arthur Methany, Thomas Mitts, Adam Monroy, William Moon or Moore, Jacob Moore, Thomas Moren, Jane Morrin, James Morrison, John Moses, James

Nesbit, Jeremiah Nesbitt, Samuel Norris, James Ogle, Benjamin Palmer, John Patton, William Payne, Joseph Peyton, Timothy Phillips, Jenkin Price, George 

Reading, George Redman, George Reeder, Thomas Ritchey, Philip Ritchey, William Ruddle, Joseph Sampson, Richard Sconce, Thomas Scones, John Scott, James Scott, John Shanks, Christian Shawhan, Daniel Smith, James M. Smith, John Sneltzer, Peter Strand, James Strother, Thomas  . . . more . . .

Index to Kentucky Wills and Estates

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