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Friday, July 25, 2014

Best Deal for Finding your Ancestors

George Washington's Ferry Farm
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Find your Kentucky Ancestors

Green Co. KY Genealogy and Ancestors, images of Wills and Estates

Green County Probate Records

Oldest Courthouse in KentuckyPictured is the oldest court house in Kentucky in Greensburg. Green County was formed in 1792 from portions of Lincoln and Nelson counties and was named after General Nathaniel Greene, the famous hero of the southern campaigns during the Revolutionary War. Three courthouses have served Green County. In 1804, a brick building replaced an earlier structure, and while no longer operational, it stands in the Greensburg Historic District (downtown) and is the oldest court house building in Kentucky. The county seat is Greensburg, Kentucky. 

Green County Probate Records available to members of Kentucky Pioneers

Tax Digests
  • Green County 1795 Tax List
Indexes to Probate Records
  • Wills and Estates 1793 to 1813
Digital Images of Wills and Estates
  • Abney, John
  • Bass, Thomas
  • Black, Hughy
  • Black, Robert
  • Bloide, William
  • Buckner, Aylette
  • Buckner, Horace
  • Cayce, Micajah
  • Charlton, Thomas
  • Cook, Benjamin
  • Gill, William
  • Graves, Benjamin
  • Grimbin, Daniel
  • Harris, James
  • Hogeland, William
  • Hutcheson, David
  • Hutcheson, Mary
  • Hutcheson, Nancy
  • Hutcheson, William
  • Marshall, Joseph
  • Martin, John
  • McColgan, Edward
  • Moore, Robert
  • Morton, William
  • Munford, James
  • Preeces, David
  • Saunders, Samuel
  • Sidebottom, Charles
  • Sizzer, William
  • Skaggs, Henry
  • Smith, James
  • Sublett, Valentine
  • Tanner, Joel
  • Vance, Alexander
  • Walker, John
  • Walker, William

Find your Kentucky Ancestors

Friday, July 18, 2014

Daviess Co. KY Genealogy, images of Wills and Estates

Daviess County, Kentucky Court House Records

OwensboroOwensboroOwensboroPictured is Owensboro and the bridge across the Ohio River. Daviess County was formed from part of Ohio County in 1815 and was named for Abraham Owen, a Colonel who was killed at the Battle of Tippecanoe. The borders of the county were altered in 1829 to form Hancock County in order to absorb a small area surrounding Whitesville, and again in 1854 to cede land to McLean County. Then, in 1860 it annexed forty-four square miles from Henderson County. 

The county seat is Owensboro. 

Apparently there was a loss of records from about 1815 to 1842 when certain last wills and testaments were destroyed. Those listed below were recovered. 

Daviess County Probate Records available to members of Kentucky Pioneers

Digital Images of Daviess County Wills and Estates, 1812 to 1872 - Destroyed documents refiled-
Testators: Allen, Robert | Allen, William | Anderson, Dangerfield | Ashby, Houston | Austin, Francis | Baird, William | Banks, C. R. | Barker, Elizabeth | Bassett, Abner | Beauchamp, William | Bell, Harvey | Bell, Richard | Bell, William | Bingham, Thomas | Brand, John | Bristow, Jasper | Brooks, Isham | Bunn, William | Burten, Bassett | Carr, William | Cassaday, Joseph | Chilton, Joseph | Clay, Thomas | Conway, F. F. | Cooms, William | Crabtree, Isaac | Curry, Peter | Curry, William | Dade, Lawson| Daniel, William | Davies, Baster | Davis, Baxter | Davis, Jacob | Davis, James | Decker, Christopher | Dulany, Eliza | Duncan, Benjamin | Duncan, Charles | Easter, Littleton | Faith, William | Fenwick, Ignatius | Flynn, Eugene | Foley, John | Ford, Jesse | Ford, John | Ford, Rachel | Griffith, Joshua | Griffith, Remus | Griffith, W. R. | Hagan, Silvester | Hansford, Stephen | Harris, William | Hawes, Albert | Hawes, Charles | Hawes, Richard | Hayden, Philip | Haynes, William | Head, Henry | Herd, George | Higdon, Thomas Sr. | Hobbs, Horatio | Howard, Groves | Howard, Mark | Howard, William | Huston, James | Huston, Mary | Huston, William | Jackson, George | Johnson, Archer | Johnson, James M. | Johnson, Susan | Jones, Hannah | Kelley, George | Kennady, Samuel Dyson | Kirkhead, Wesley | Knott, James | Knott, Mary | Lanham, William | Lashbrook, John | Lashbrook, Malinda | Law, William | Lee, John | Little, George | Little, Jonas | Lumpkin, Thomas | Lumpkin, William | Masser, Mary | May, John | McCormick, John | McCrury, Elijah | McDaniel, James | McFarlane, Franky | McFarlane, John | McFarlane, Lucy | Millay, James | Millay, Thomas | Miller, Nancy | Miller, William | Mitchell, Gideon | Montgomery, Thomas F. | Mosley, Samuel | Mosley, Thomas | Moyers, Abraham | Newlett, George | Newton, Benjamin Newton, William | Nunn, Richard | Overly, William | Owen, Preston | Payne, Cornelius | Payne, John | Peterson, John | Pitts, Jesse | Priest, Henry | Rafferty, James | Riley, Cynthia | Riley, George | Roberts, William | Scott, George | Sharpe, William | Shaunter, John | Shoemaker, Adam | Shoemaker, Price | Smathers, James | Smith, Peter | Stanley, Henry | Stowers, William | Talbutt, Joshua | Tapscott, William | Thomason, Martha | Thompson, Anthony | Turpin, William | Vanrysselburghe, James | Walker, John | Walston, William | Ware, John | Wedding, Thomas | Wells, Jacob | White, Henry | White, Rebeckah | Williams, Elisha | Williams, Raleigh | Worthington, William | 

Find your Kentucky Ancestors

Friday, July 11, 2014

Bracken Co. KY Genealogy, Ancestors, images of old WIlls

Bracken County Probate Records

Land in Bracken CountyLand in Bracken CountyLand in Bracken CountyBracken County was organized in 1796 from parts of Mason and Campbell Counties. Originally, the county extended to southern Nicholas County (north of the Ohio River and west of the Licking River). It has two creeks (named for William Bracken), the Big and Little Bracken. William Bracken was a surveyor by trade and visited the area in 1773. He was later killed by Indians during the Northwest Indian War. The first county seat was Augusta, Kentucky but was moved to Woodward Crossing (Brooksville). 

Bracken County Probate Records available to members of Kentucky Pioneers

Miscellaneous Wills and Estates
  • Black, James Sr.
  • Bunts, Michael
  • Hardwitch, James
  • James, Samuel
  • Lowe, Isaac
  • Settles, Elizabeth

Find your Kentucky Ancestors

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Your Genealogy Research can "Flower"

I recently traced a difficult lineage.  Well, they are all tediously difficult.  To discover the actual relationships, it was necessary to dig into the lives of the grandparents, parents and siblings back to ca 1700. What does this mean?  People led their lives according to personal and economical factors. All of this is discovered in daily routines.  The personal side of it is church membership records, notations of baptisms, births, deaths, visiting the old cemetery, etc.  Economically, people were agriculturists. Owning a farm or plantation was no minor feat.  It involved keeping extensive records at the plantation.  Also, deeding lands to children and other relatives.  The last will and testament included extensive inventories, notes, receipts, and everything essential to the needs of the family.  When my ancestor left no last will and testament, I was unable to discover the parents of a particular ancestor, it became necessary to read the wills of his siblings.  The details discovered were little tidbits of information.  However, when all of it was put together, the puzzle filled out.  Every person mentioned in an estate or will is some sort of relative or friend.  Also, what is not mentioned is important. For example, an ancestor died in 1815 and the filing of this estate was simply mentioned in the county Minute Book.  Okay, so it was noted that his death had occurred by an executor was appointed. I never found the actual will, because the county records were burned.  Next order of business: Learn more about the executor.  It seems that the executor was a revolutionary war soldier from Connecticut, about the same age as my ancestor, and died in the same county.  The deed records of that county should be more telling.

Find your Kentucky Ancestors

Friday, July 4, 2014

Boyle Co. KY Genealogy, images of old Wills

Boyle County Wills and Probate Records

Boyle CountyBoyle County was formed on February 15, 1842 from sections of Lincoln and Mercer Counties and was named after John Boyle, Congressman, Chief Justice of the Kentucky Court of Appeals and U. S. District Judge. The courthouse fire in 1860 resulted in the loss of some county records and the earliest surviving records began in 1842. The county seat is Danville, Kentucky.

Some early settlers were: Baker Ewing, Gabriel Lackey, Evan Rogers, Thomas Collins, James Crawford, Dennis Hedgeman, Nathan Douglas, Henry Harlan, Frederick Pipperdan, William McGrath and Henry Harlan.

Kentucky Wills and Estates Available to Members of Kentucky Pioneers

Digital Images of Boyle County Wills 1842 to 1864 
Alexander, Cloe | Anderson, John | Ball, Caroline | Ball, Daniel | Ball, Martha | Ball, Mary | Ball, Thomas | Ballerton, William | Barbour, James | Barbour, Letitia | Bellis, Peter | Bellis, Sarah | Beswick, Elizabeth | Bilbo, John | Bilbo, Mary | Bolling, Dread | Bolling, Richard | Bottom, John | Bottom, William | Braxdale, John Sr. Brown, Elizabeth | Brown, George | Bruce, Charles | Burch, Mary | Burnett, James | Caldwell, Charles | Caldwell, James | Caldwell, Samuel | Carter, Charles | Chatham, Benjamin | Chiles, Elizabeth | Clark, Francis Sr. | Clarkstone, Drury | Clemons, Osburn | Collins, Harriet | Collins, Thomas | Coulter, Thomas | Cowan, Elizabeth | Cowan, Henry | Cowan, Thomas | Craig, Rachel | Crane, Nelson | Crawford, James | Crawford, William | Cudlip, George | Donighy, George | Douglas, Nathan | Downey, James | Downton, Thomas | Dunn, Jane | Durham, Benjamin | Durham, John | Erwin, John | Ewing, Baker | Fields, Henry | Fields, James Jr. | Fields, Susan | Fisher, Elias | Fisher, Jesh | Fisher, Stephen | Fitton, Benjamin | Fountaine, Mathew | French, Edward | Funk, Fanny | Gains, Elmira | Gill, Nancy | Graham, Theresa | Games, Ezekiel | Grant, John | Graves, James | Gray, James | Gray, Jane | Gray, Robert | Hailey, Enoch |Hall, John | Hammer, Sarah | Harlan, Davis | Harlan, Elijah | Harlan, Henry | Harlan, John | Harlan, Mary | Harman, William | Harrison, Thomas | Harrod, Ann | Hawkins, Ann | Heaten, Winiford | Hedgeman, Dennis | Henderson, Charles | Henderson, Elizabeth | Heron, Samuel | Hocker, Samuel | Hopes, Michael | Humble, Mary | Hurly, Leah | Hutton, Sarrah | Irvin, James | Irvine, Abram | Irvin, John | Jackson, Aaron | Johnson, Anthony | Kerr, Patrick | Kerr, Priscilla | King, John | Knox, Isabella | Knox, Robert | Lackey, Gabriel | Laurence, Mary | Lay, Martin | Laws, Jeremiah | Lind, Margaret St. Clair | Lind, Mary St. Clair | Long, Jacob | Luvmery, William | Marrs, James | Martin, Jane | Mays, James | McCall, William | McClanahan, Thomas | McClane, Elizabeth | McDowell, Joseph | McDowell, Sarah | McGinnis, Jesse | McGinnis, Mary | McGinnis, Samuel | McGrath, William | McKay, John | Means, John | Meaux, Walter |Mock, John | Montgomery, Jane | Moore, Lawson | Moore, Margaret | Moore, Samuel | Moorhead, John | Morrow, Margaret | Neff, Francis | Nield, George | Owens, Mason | Owsley, William | Pipes, Nathaniel | Pipes, William | Potts, Samuel | Prewitt, Elizabeth | Prewitt, Martha | Prewitt, Thomas | Proctor, Benjamin | Rains, James | Ramsey, Jane | Read, Ann | Read, Francis | Reed, Isabella |Reed, Thomas |Ripperdan, Daniel |Robards, Robert | Robertson, Duncan F. | Robison, Thomas Sr. | Rochester, Sarah | Rout, Malenda | Russel, D. A. | Sevier, Isaac | Smith, Ephraim | Smith, George | Smith, Henry | Smith, Jesse | Smith, John | South, John | Sparrow, Dennis | Spears, George | Spears, John | Stewart, William | Street, Nathaniel | Sweeny, William | Tadock, Carter | Tarkington, Thomas | Taylor, William | Tompkins, John |Tucker, James | Vanarsdale, Isaac O. | Wade, Jeremiah |Wade, William |Walker, Elizabeth | Walker, Mary | Walker, Robert | Wallace, Caleb | Wilhite, Nicholas | Wilhite, Rody | Williams, Fanny | Williams, Susan | Wingate, Esther | Witherspoon, Sarah | Yager, Joseph | Yankee, Jacob | Yeager, Frederick | Young, John | Zimmerman, James | Zimmerman, James F. | 
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Friday, June 27, 2014

Bourbon Co. KY Genealogy, Ancestors, Wills

Bourbon County, Kentucky Court House Records

Paris, KentuckyParis, KentuckySome of the most beautiful country in America is in Paris, Kentucky. In 1780 the district of Kentucky belonged to three counties in Virginia, viz: Fayette, Jefferson and Lincoln. Old Bourbon County was formed in 1786 from Fayette and Bourbon Counties, Virginia, and originally comprised 34 northeastern counties of Kentucky. When the new State of Kentucky was created in 1792, Bourbon became a county. The land itself was given by Fayette County, Virginia, and was named after the French House of Bourbon in honor of the assistance which France gave to America during the Revolutionary War. The courthouse was destroyed by fire in 1872 and again in1901, resulting in the loss of county records. Whiskey, made from corn had a distinctive flavor and became a popular drink termedBourbon whiskey as opposed to rye whiskey. The whiskey barrels were marked Old Bourbon when they were shipped downriver from the local port on the Ohio River. The port from where the whiskey was shipped was called Limestone, now Maysville, and was located in Bourbon County until the borders were redrawn in 1789 and it became Mason County. The county seat is Paris, Kentucky. 

Bourbon County Probate Records available to members of Kentucky Pioneers

Digital Images of Bourbon County Wills and Estates 1795 to 1805
Testators: Alexander, James | Alkire, Harmonius |Anderson, George |Baseman, John |Black, James |Boyd, William |Brush, James |Burns, Andrew | Clarke, Robert |Clarkson, John |Cogswell, Joseph, Dr. |Cook, John |Couchman, Andrew |Craig, Thomas |Crouch, Mary |Dasey, Thomas | Douglas, Samuel | Dudley, James | Duncan, Joseph | Edminston, Robert | Edwards, Haden | Fearn, John |Ferguson, John | Field, Anna | Forqueran, Peter Sr. | Furnish, Mary | Godman, Jeremiah | Gosney, William | Griffith, Amos | Griffith, William | Griffith, Manassa | Grimes, Stephen | Grubbs, Elizabeth, Mrs. | Hall, Caleb | Hambleton, William | Hamilton, Thomas | Hand, Elizabeth | Hayden, Nehemiah | Hendricks, Daniel | Hendricks, Peter | Higgins, Joshua | Hinkson, John | Hornback, Simon | Huffstuter, Allerick | Hutsel, Gabriel | Jacobs, John | Jacoby, Henry | Jenifer, Joseph | Jennifer, John | Johnston, Benjamin | Kennedy, Joseph | Kinnebrook John | Kirkpatrick, John | Laile, George | Lair, Elizabeth | Lair, Mathias | Lear, Daniel | Marney, Robert | Matheny, Daniel | Martin, George | Maxwell, John | McClanahan, Jemima | McClanahan, William | McClintock, Daniel | McDaniel, Eneas | McMullen, John | McNay, Joseph | McShaine, William | Millen, Bernard | Mitchell, John | Moore, Thomas | Moss, Thomas | Neal, Benjamin | Nelson, Charles | Nesbit, Jeremiah | Newell, Stephen | Parks, John | Patton, William | Payne, Joseph | Phillips, Elijah | Pryor, Mary | Pury, Robert | Quiet, James | Quiet, John | Rawlins, Joshua | Reeder, Thomas | Reynolds, Thomas | Ross, Henry | Ruddle, Archibald | Ruddle, John | Rule, Sarah | Sanford, Reuben | Slater, Samuel | Smith, John | Smith, Thomas | Stephenson, George | Stevenson, George | Stokes, John | Strother, Thomas | Strout, Peter | Summers, John | Talbott, John | Tarr, Frederick | Thomas, James | Thornhill, John | Todd, Edward | Todd, Samuel | Trimble, David | Tucker, Edward | Tucker, Jonathan | Turner, Jesse | Ward, Benjamin | Webb, William | Welch, Michael | Whaley, James | Williams, John | Worle, Atwell | Young, Benjamin | 

Find your Kentucky Ancestors

Friday, June 20, 2014

Bell Co. KY Genealogy, Ancestors

Bell County Genealogy, Wills and Probate Records

Wilderness Road Inn MarkerBell County was formed in 1867 from parts of Knox and Harlan Counties and was annexed from Knox County in 1872. It was named after Joshua Fry Bell ("Josh Bell"). The Wilderness Road was built through Bell County during the 1790s.There were court house fires in 1914 and again in 1918 and a flood in 1976 during which occurrences the records were destroyed. The records listed below are those which survived.

Bell County Probate Records available to members of Kentucky Pioneers 

Digital Images of Bell County Wills and Estates, 1869 to 1879
  • Arnet, Elias
  • Arthur, Zack
  • Campbell, Archibald
  • Davis, Preston
  • Goodin, Hardin
  • Hutchins, John
  • Lane, Samuel
  • Lock, Alexander
  • Parsons, John

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