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Monday, July 16, 2018

Images of Nelson County Wills, Estates, Inventories, Guardianships, Marriages #kentuckypioneerscom #kygenealogy #kyancestors

Images of Nelson County Wills, Estates, Inventories, Guardianships, Marriages

Nelson County Court HouseNelson County was formed from Jefferson County, Virginia in 1784, shortly after the Revolutionary War. The county is named for Thomas Nelson, Jr., a Virginia Governor who signed the Declaration of Independence. The county seat is Bardstown. 

  • 1785 to 1815

Indexes to Wills, Estates, Inventories, Guardianships

  • 1785 to 1790
  • 1790 to 1801
  • 1811 to 1814

Book A, 1785 to 1790

Abel, Peter      Barlow, Samuel      Briscoe, Walter      Brunts, John      Cashlayer, David      Cassell, Ignatious      Clark, Jeremiah      Collins, William      Cox, Isaac      Cripp, Christopher      Elhose, John      Hardin, John      Harrod, Asher      Hendrick, John      Henry, Stephen      Howard, Thomas      Hunter, John      Kelly, William      Kerns, Daniel      Lee, Peter      Lincoln, Isham      Meese, George      Mease, Lawrence      Patrick, Peter      Payton, James      Spears, Solomon      Thralkeild, Moses      Wilson, James      

Book A-1, 1790 to 1801

Armstrong, John      Ash, John      Baird, James      Baird, Thomas      Barker, Robert      Barnes, James      Barton, Roger      Black, John      Blackford, Joseph      Bland, John      Bowman, M.      Bozworth, Joseph      Bray, Henry      Breedlove, John      Briggs, William      Broughton, Charles      Brown, Benjamin      Brown, Peter      Brown, Samuel      Burns, Michael      Carr, Thomas      Caserns, William      Casey, James      Coldizer, David      Column, Joseph      Combs, David      Compton, Augustine      Copeland, James      Cox, Isaac      Craven, James      Crum, Philip      Curts, Martin      Day, William      Deacon, Michal Arch      Downs, William      Drake, Jonathan      Duson, William      Dynes, Thomas      Ewing, Samuel      Ferguson, William      Fitch, John      Goff, William      Goldsberg, John      Hall, Robert      Handley, Samuel      Hanks, Joseph      Hardin, Mark      Hart, Miles      Hash, Silas      Hebner, Christian      Hews, M.      Higler, Samuel      Hobbs, Elizabeth      Hogland, Richard      Hugh, James      Hurley, Thomas      Hynes, Andrew      Jarbo, Rudolph      Johnston, John      Jordan, John      Kampt, John      Kelly, Isaac      Kenehelse, William      King, Valentine      Larue, John      Lee, John      Lee, Richard      Lee, Samuel      Litson, Anthony      Marshall, John      McCollum, Joseph      McComes, Mordecai      McGee, James      McHenry, John      McKiney, John      McOter, Leonard      Melson, Richard      Miller, Dudley      Miller, Ebenezer      Morrison, James      Nowell, James      Nowell, Mathew      Newell, William      Patton, James      Peyton, Elias      Prather, Richard      Randolph, John      Reed, Charles      Reed, John      Rooks, Benedict      Reed, Charles      Reed, Jesse      Rhude, Jesse      Rounder, Peter      Sands, James      Sandusky, Sarah      Selsch, Nicholas      Shereliff, Thomas      Shinlep, Thomas      Shumate, John      Shurcliffe Thomas      Simmons, Mary      Smith, Mary      Sproutsman, John      Stevenson, Hugh      Tannerhill, Sarah    nbsp; Thomas, Wilsey      Thornhill, H.      Vaughan, Andrew      Vaughan, Mary      Wake, Mathew      Wakefield, Mathew      Whitaker, Henry      Willett, Samuel      Williams, Jared      Wilson, William      

Genealogy Records in Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia
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Monday, July 9, 2018

How to Turn Marginal Genealogy into Real Genealogy #kentuckypioneerscom #kygenealogy #kyancestors #kywills

How to Turn Marginal Genealogy into Real Genealogy 

tombstonesAs we continue our research, we find ourselves jotting down tidbits of information, thinking that it might be useful later. And it is, as more data reaches our computer. But what kind tidbits are most important? Witnesses to deeds and adjoining properties; every name in the old part of the cemetery, especially those adjoining your family plots. Names in the same district as your ancestor written down according to the order of the entries, along with such details as acreage, adjoining neighbors and waters. Purchasers of estate sales as some of these people married the daughters (examine these names in the county marriage records). Remarkably, all of these people were the old neighborhood! You will be amazed at how this information provides a better understand of the life and times of your ancestors, plus makes all the puzzle parts fit. Images of Ohio Co. KY Wills

Genealogy Records in Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia
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Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Our Ancestors were Mighty and Brave #kentuckypioneerscom #kyancestors #kywills #kyestates #kygenealogy

Our Ancestors were Mighty and Brave

The bravest soldiers and settlers of past eras did not necessarily make the history books. But perhaps it is time that they did. The value of family stories lies in the lifespan of those who ventured to America when it was a wild country, built homes and communities, fought in the wars and opened the door for the establishment of the U. S. Constitution. As the researcher assembles the genealogies and history involved, he realizes that his ancestors were not whimps! Rather, they were mighty brave! The genealogist meticulously gathers data and substantiates it with actual documents. In the process, they learn interesting details concerning the times....things that have never been written about by so-called historians. For, you see, the old documents, such as wills and estates, burials, land grants, battles, etc. which tell the real story. If but a few of the researchers assembled and published the exciting events which surrounded their families, we would have some great reading!
Nicholas Co KY Genealogy; Names of Ancestors

Genealogy Records in Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia
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Monday, July 2, 2018

Magazines and Periodicals for Kentucky #kentuckypioneerscom #kygenealogy #kymagazines #kyancestors #kywills

Magazines and Periodicals for Kentucky
By Jeannette Holland Austin

The MicroscopeThe first magazine issued in Kentucky or the West was The Medley, or Monthly Miscellany for the year 1803, edited and published by Daniel Bradford, son of old John Bradford, the editor of The Kentucky Gazette. The Medley lived through the year of 1803, but in January of 1804, Editor Bradford announced that he was compelled (from lack of appreciation) to abandon its publication. The twelve parts were bound for those of the subscribers who cared to have them made into a single volume, and probably not more than two copies are extant to-day. more....Kentucky Genealogy ----

Genealogy Records in Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia
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Wednesday, June 27, 2018

How to Create Proving Genealogy Resources

How to Create Proving Genealogy Resources

Will of Charles ConwayWhen your genealogical research turns up zero, establishing facts for elusive ancestors is tough. One solution is to research around the facts and thus eliminate persons in that generation. We need to determine who is who and prepare a family group sheet for that family irregardless of whether or not they are directly related. This process documents a family and eliminates them. First, locate your ancestor's surname in nearby counties and states. Then search court house records -- deeds, wills, tax records, estates, etc. and establish the facts for each person. Next, complete a family group sheet on that family, noting the sources you used. Proceed accordingly on all questionable families, thus identifying each person of the era and location. Third, examine each family group sheet. Look for nicknames. For example, Betsy, b. ca 1757 could be your Elizabeth, b. 1759. Fourth, once everyone is identified you probably have a number of loose persons for whom you need to discover more information. Try to trace that person so that he may be either identified or elimated; use marriage records, estates, etc. In the earliest pioneering days the eldest son inherited the farm while others went into other acceptable occupations such as physicians, ministers, etc. This took them away from the home place. In other words, erase confusion by identifying and eliminating all families in prescribed areas having your same. 

Genealogy Records in Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia
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Thursday, April 5, 2018

Join Genealogy History Blog. Clues, Tips, Great Articles!

Will you Allow AI to Construct your Genealogy?

Photo credited to
Imagine yourself instructing your computer to assemble a pedigree chart based on the information you provide. As AI draws upon information across thousands of genealogy platforms and assembles the data, would you trust the results?  If IT had access to all of the world's genealogy records, it would probably deliver a fairly accurate genealogy.  The brick walls and suppositions in our work would be analyzed from a mathematical standpoint. Let us face the fact that math is a true science.  I can imagine that when AT hit the brick walls, that he would provide us with a logical choice of the data. Our decision, then, would culminate from the mathematical prowness of a computer. But what about the tidbits of data stored inside our own brain, a sort of family knowledge?  Aunt May always said that our family came to America from Germany, for one example.  There are countless others couched inside of our own brain, not that of IT.

The fastest computer in the world uses about 40,000 processors with 260 cores each. That is more than 10 million processing cores running in parallel. Although each of these cores has less power than the intel processor on your desktop, the entire machine delivers about the same power as the human brain. Interesting. Nevertheless, that does not mean that AI is ready for big things such as robot control. Far from it.  This massively parallel architecture still presents enormous programming challenges in all of the processes powered together. The growth of the IT industry demands the use of custom microchips, more parallelism, more sophistocated software, and even the possibility of entirely new ways of doing computing.  for more articles, Join the Genealogy History Blog

Genealogy Records in Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia
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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Join the Genealogy History Blog

Genealogy History Blog 

An invitation to join the "Genealogy History" blog which offers daily articles concerning tracing families from foreign shores and throughout America.  Also, some interesting articles on historical events and how our ancestors are connected by genealogical research.  

Join now! Please check your email and confirm the subscription

Genealogy Records in Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia
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Monday, November 20, 2017

The Odd Naming of Children #genealogy #kentuckypioneers

The Odd Naming of Children

Sir Francis DrakeThere is a Sir Francis Drake last will and testament in Logan County dated 1814. He was born in Cumberland, Virginia and appear to be descended from the famous Sir Francis Drake of England. Probably this sort of naming with the first name as "Sir Francis" to a child is a reminder to the heirs of descent from a prominent figure in time. Even the less obvious names seem to have great meaning within the family structure. I recently analyzed the naming of every child in a certain family. Some were given surnames as the first name. The experience was eye-opening once I examined the families in the same county with those surnames. Eventually, I was able to discover the name of the grandmother who never married, but had seven children by the same father. Tracing that particular lineage took me to a Revolutionary War Soldier from Abbeville, South Carolina to Henry County, Georgia. Once I prepared his family group sheet listing all of the children, the identity of the unmarried daughter (who had the illegitimate children) became apparent. 

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Monday, November 13, 2017

Logan Co. KY Wills, Estates, Genealogy #kentuckypioneers

Images of Logan County Wills, Estates, Distributions, Guardianships

Map of Logan County

The county of Logan was formed in 1792 and was named after Benjamin Logan, second in command of the Kentucky Militia during the Revolutionary War. The territory first stretched from the Mississippi River in the west to the Little Barren River in the east. The county seat is Russellville. 

Indexes to Wills, Estates, Guardianships, Distributions
  • Book A, 1795 to 1817
  • Book B, 1815 to 1823
  • Book C, 1823 to 1827
  • Book D, 1827 to 1831
Images of Logan County Wills and Estates Book A, 1795 to 1817 

Adams, E. Allen, Beverley Allen, Reuben* Anderson, Thomas* Anigel, George* Arnold, John* Ashley, William* Baker, Robert* Barnard, William R.* Barton, James* Barnett, William* Barton, James* Bayley, Thomas* Bell, John* Bennett, William* Bernard, Heningham* Bernard, John* Bernard, William* Bowie, Patsy* Boyd, Daniel* Boyle, Patrick* Britt, William* Brown, Jared* Brown, John* Browning, John* Bryant, Abraham* Burton, James* Campbell, George* Carlisle, Henry* Cavender, Thomas* Clark, William* Conner, William* Cook, John* Coreen, John* Crabtree, William* Cransden, William* Curry, John* Daniel, John* Davis, Keiza* Dawson, Redford* Drake, Sir Francis* Duncan, Benjamin* Edwards, Penelope Eley, Eli* Elliott, Thomas F.* Ewing, George* Ewing, John* Ewing, William* Ferguson, William* Fike, Malachi* Fisher, William* Fleming, Ralph* Foster, John* Frizzel, William* Furbanks, Robert* Gilbert, William* Gorham, Thomas* Graves, Frederick* Green, John* Hampton, Thomas* Hannah, David* Hawkins, James* Henderson, Thomas* Hendrick, Henry* Hendry, William* Henson, James* Herndon, James* Hinton, John* Holeman, James* Hollarton, Elizabeth* James, Isaac* Horton, William* Howard, James* Howe,, Levi* Hughs, Roland* Hughs, Rowland* Hunter, James* Johnson, John* Johnston, Nathan* Johnston, William* Jones, Aaron* Jones, Judson Kennerly, John* Kerr, Widow* Kown, L. W.* Lang, N.* Langston, Ragland* Lathem, Dickey* Lee, William* Lockhart, David* Lodge, Matthew* Lofland, William* Lowery, Samuel* Lowry, James* Lyon, John* Mayes, James* Mays, William* McCombs, Jesse* McIntosh, William* McKorne, James* McLean, Ephraim* McLean, Susana* McPherson, George* McPherson, John* McMerter, James G.* McReynolds, James* McReynolds, Robert* McReynolds, Samuel* Miller, James J.* Miller, Randle* Millikin, George* Mitchell, George* Moore, Jesse* W. Morgan, Abraham* Morgan, Jeremiah* Murrey, Michael* Ornforff, John* Phelps, Burges* Philips, William* Porter, Francis* Puntenny, Aquilla* Ragsdale, Frederick* Ragsdale, Sally* Reading, William* Reed, James* Renshaw, William* Roberts, Lina* Strader, Konrad* Stratton, William* Summers, Robert* Talkington, Elizabeth* Temple, Stephen* Thompson, Thomas* Tilghman, Stephen* Travis, Benjamin* Travis, Thomas* Turner, John* Waddle, John* Wallace, William* Ward, John* Ward, Michael* Warfield, Ann* Watson, John* West, James* Whitaker, Thomas* White, Isaac* White, John* White, Thomas* Whitsett, William* Wilcox, Josiah* Wilkins, Richard* Wilson, Josiah* Wilkerson, Joel* Wood, James* Wood, Lashly* Wood, Mason* Wood, Moses* Yarbrough, Jeremiah* Yarbrough, William* 

Images of Logan County Wills and Estates Book B, 1815 to 1823 

Adams, William* Aingells, George* Bailey, T. Baker, John* T. Bagley, P. Baker, Mary* Boone, Squire Boyle, Eleanor Breathitt, William* Breen, James* Britt, Eleanor Britt, William* Brown, Jacob* Brown, John* Browning, Isaac* Browning, John* Bryant, Absalom* Caldwell, Adam Campbell, George* Carlisle, Henry* Clark, William* Cloud, Daniel* Colbert, Samuel* Cook, Valentine Coulter, William* Crewion, Reuben* Curdy, Thomas* W. Dallum, Richard* Davis, William* Dumond, William* Duncan, Benjamin* Duncan, William* Davis, James* Drew, Warner* Duncan, James* Edwards, John* Foster, Anthony Foster, Lewis* Frayer, James* Gorham, Margaret Gorham, Thomas* Gray, Samuel* Hackersmith, Edward* Haddox, John* Haden, William Sr.* Hains, John* Hall, Alexander* Hall, James Slater* Hanley, Jonathan* Hannah, Elizabeth* Hansbrough, Smith* Harding, William* Harrison, John* Henderson, Lewis* Herndon, James* Hise, Frederick* Hogan, John* Holloway, John* Hopkins, Eprhraim* Howard, Lindsey* Hughes, James* Hughes, Rowland* Ingram, Joseph* Ingram, William* Inman, James* Jackson, Joseph* James, Thomas* James, Thomas W.* Johnson, Joseph* Johnson, Thomas* Johnston, David* Johnston, John* Johnston, Nathan* Jones, Aaron* Kellanghan, John* King, John* Langston, Ragland* Lewis, Waller* Ling, William* Lockhart, David* Lowry, John* Lyon, John* Martin, George* Maxwell, William Sr.* McAlister, James* McKain, James* McKinsey, Alexander* Medole, John* Milan, Roda* Miller, Andrew* Miller, John* Millikin, Harbison* Montgomery, Alexander* Morgan, Abner* Morgan, John* Morris, William* Murdin, Edward* Neely, David* Norris, James* Owings, Joshua* Perkins, James* Price, John* Price, William* Punting, Aquilla P.* Purbush, Robert* Reading, William* Roberd, Charles* Ross, John* Rowland, Micajah* Rust, Jacob* Smith, Absalom* Smith, Hansbrough* Steel, Robert* Stevens, Huldy* Taylor, William* Temple, Harman* Thompson, Henry* Thornberry, William* Townsen, A.* Venall, Tobias* Watson, John* Walker, David* Wallace, William* Wash, Thomas* West, Amos* Westray, Simon* Whitsett, William* Wilkins, Richard* Williams, Jesse* Wright, William* 

Images of Logan County Wills and Estates Book C, 1823 to 1827 

Arnold, John* Bagley, Elizabeth* Baker, Robert Jr.* Bell, Wright E.* Bowles, John* Burks, Nathan* Byrum, William* Carr, Nancy* Dallam, Richard* Dodson, William* Duval, William* Ewing, Reuben* Felts, Archibald* Frazer, James* Gilbert, Charles* Haden, John* Haden, Joseph* Harden, William* Henderson, Andrew* Hughes, John* Hughes, Rowland* Johnson, David* Lee, Elizabeth* Littlejohn, Samuel* Millikin, Nancy* Mize, William* Perkins, William* Poor, Robert* Price, John Sr.* Rice, Ignatius* Rice, John* Smith, James* Todd, Benjamin* Turner, Mary* Washburn, John* Wells, Catherine* Wells, Henry* West, Ann* B. Whitsett, Isaac* Williams, Jesse* Williams, John* Wilson, Isaac* Woodman, George* 

Images of Logan County Wills and Estates Book D, 1827 to 1831 

Allen, William* Angell, William* Arnold, John* Baker, Robert* Baker, William* Bantas, John* Bardy, W. C.* Barker, Ananias Sr.* Beakey, William W.* Bell, James* Bowen, Mary* Bowling, S. S.* Britt, William* Browder, Thomas* Browning, Abner* Browning, Bertha Ann* Browning, G. S.* Browning, John* Brumbaugh, Samuel* Byrom, John* Campbell, A. M.* Card, Joseph* Chastain, William* Cook, T.* Crabtree, Nancy* Creel, Mary* Daniel, Garnett* Day, Henry* Denson, Russell E.* Drew, Warner* Duncan, Abner* Dunlap, Archibald* Dunscombe, Samuel D.* Duval, Claburn* Ewing, William* Ewing, W. W.* Fairbush, William* Fitzhugh, Peter* Forgy, Samuel* Fortner, L.* Fortner, Martin* Foster, Edmund* Foster, orphans* Frazer, M.* Full, James S.* Gilbert, Martin* Gill, James* Gill, Presley* Gough, orphan* Graham, orphan* Gray, Joseph* Green, Hannah* Haden, James* Haden, Joseph* Hamilton, Joseph D.* Hamilton, Sally* Hardison, Gabriel* Henry, Elizabeth* Henry, William* Hogan, John* Hogan, Martin* Hogan, Rawleigh* Hoss, Susan* Hughes, John* Hull, Alexander* Huskett, Nathaniel* Ingram, William* Inman, Henry* Inman, orphan* James, Charles B.* James, John* Johnson, James* J. Johnston, Richard* Jones, John* Keaten, Joseph* Kelly, Martin* Kennedy, John W.* Kennedy, Philip* Kennedy, William* Kerry, Levin* King, Levin* Lee, Temperance W.* Limsbaugh, Daniel* Littlejohn, Samuel* Long, B. C.* Long, Frances B.* Mauzey, Henry* McCaleb, M.* McLean, L. D.* McLeod, William* Miller, Charlotte* Mimms, Robert* Morehead, Charles* Morgan, Rolly* Morton, Elijah Mosby, Robert* Moseley, Robert* Munday, William* Murdole, William* Neely, Charles* Ogden, John* Ogden, Mary* Ornsdorf, Christopher* Pace, William B.* Page, Nancy* Page, William* Paisley, Robert* Parks, David* Patterson, A.* Patterson, John* Perkins, James* Perkins, William* Perry, John* Perry, Thomas* Phelps, William* Poor, Robert* Price, John* Proctor, Charles* Roberts, Joseph* Robinson, Charles* Rogers, Reuben* Ross, Stephen* Rutherford, Stephen* Scott, William* Scott, William B.* Simms, Nazareth* Slaughter, Louise* Smith, James* Stribling, Thomas* Stubblefield, Thomas* Traughter, Elizabeth* Traughter, Henry* Traughter, William* Tunstell, Agnes* Turner, Henry O.* Turner, Karns* Vineyard, Elizabeth* Washburn, Philip* Waters, P.* Waters, R.* Wilkerson, Susannah& Williamson, Christopher* Wilson, Isaac* Wilson, orphans* Wolfe, Jesse* Woodhouse, Brewer* Wright, William* Zoubough, Henry 
Logan Co. KY Genealogy, Wills, Estates

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Monday, November 6, 2017

Garrard Co. Wills, Estates, Genealogy #kentuckypioneers

Garrard County Wills, Estates, Guardianhips, Annual Returns, Inventories, Settlements

Map of Garrard County

Garrard County was formed in 1796 and was named after James Garrard, the Governor of Kentucky from 1796 to 1804. The county seat is Lancaster. 

Indexes to Wills, Estates, Guardianships, Distributions
  • 1797 to 1805
  • 1807 to 1811
  • 1805 to 1809
Militia Records
  • Paymaster Records of 7th Regiment Kentucky Militia 1808 to 1813
Images of Wills, Estates, Inventories, Guardianships, Distributions, Book A, 1797 to 1805

Alford, John * Ball, John * Banks, Jones Banks, Levin * Banks, Lynn Banks, Samuel * Barbour, James* Blanton, Joshua Bowen, William* Brady, Charles* A. Carns, Alexadnder* Carpenter, Sopher* Compton, Zachariah* Cosden, Matthew* Cummins, Moses* Dickens, Benjamin* Gooch, Elizabeth* Gooch, Jesse* Hayden, James* Harris, R. Harris, Solomon Harrison, Richard Havis, Robert* Hays, William* Hiett, Abner Hinds, James* Hogan, John * Huffman, Frederick* Irvine, Joshua Kincaid, Robert* Lambton, William* Lawson, Elisha Macklin, James* Marksburg, Samuel * Mayfield, Micajah Miller, Jacob* Nelson, Ambrose Nickern, Michael Perrel, Henry* Poor, Robin Sapery, John * Scott, Samuel * Smith, James* Smith, John to Sally Smith* Smith, Liberty, orphan of Henry* Smith, Mark* Smith, William, Capt.* Stapp, Gholson* Stapp, Rachel* Sutton, Rowland* Terrill, Joseph* Terrill,, Robert* Toney, Bishop Wooley, William* 

Images of Wills, Estates, Inventories, Distributions, Guardianships, Book B, 1807 to 1811

Adams, T. O. Askins, William* Alderson, Isaac* Alford, Jacob* Arnold, Humphrey* Arnold, Keziah, orphans* Arnold, Reuben* Banks, Jarret* Barally, J. P.* Ballenger, John * Black, Samuel * Bledsoe, William W.* Bryant legacies* Burnside, Walter Dismukes, James* Finnell, James* Finnell,, William* Fugale, Towison* Gibson, George* Gooch, Jesse* Greene, Garrard* Hagan, James* Hamey, Edward* Hamilton, Henry* Heard, John Sr.* Henderson, Alexander* Hendricks, Henry* Hicks, Edward* Jennings, Baylor* Johnston, Edward* Jones, Elizabeth* Jones, John * Kincaid, Robert* Kirby, Henry* Lawson, Aron* Leavell, James* Loyd, John * Markesburg, Samuel* Montgomery, James* Pond, Griffin* Poor, Robert* Rawling, Henry* Robertson, Alexander* Robertson, Joel* Scott, Robert* Scott, Samuel * Smith, James, orphans* Steel, John * Stegar, Francis* Terrill, Edmond* Terrill, Judith* Terrill, Robert* Thornton, Patsy* Turpin, Henry* Wheeler, Thomas* Wilson, William* Wren, Vincent* Wright, Alexander 

Images of Wills, Estates, Inventories, Guardianships, Distributions, Book C, 1805 to 1819

Adams, Neathergale* Adams, S.* Alford, Jacob* Arnold, Humphrey* Arnold, Reuben* Askins, John * Barlow, Henry* Bellospett, Philip* Benjamin, Henry* Brady, Charles A.* Brasfield, Edward* Brown, John * Burdett, Frederick* Burnsides, Walter* Buckhannon, William* Coats, Elijah* Combs, Zachariah* Conely, David* Downing, Rachel* Dryden, James* Duggin, James* Dunn, William* English, Charles* Giles, Mary* Gooch, Jesse* Gooch, Polly* Graham, Thomas* Hanson, Isaac* Harris, Robert* Hays, William* Hendricks, Henry* Hiatt, Abner* Hiatt, Moses* Holland, Joseph* Hubbard, Harrison* Huffman, Frederick* Jackman, John * Jennings, Baylor* Larkey, Andrew* Lear, William* Macklin, James* Macklin, Polly* Nelson, A.* Nelson, Sarah* Nowling, James* Poor, Robin* Rawling, William* Reed, John * Sampson, William* Slapp, Rachel* Smith, Henry, orphans* Smith, James, orphans* Smith, John to Sally* Smith, Mark* Stapp,, Gholson* Steger, Francis* Totten, John * Tunget, Jeremiah* Wallace, Michael Wilie, John * Wilson, John 

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