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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Gallatin County Wills, Estates, Inventories, Distributions, Guardianships

Gallatin County Kentucky Map

Gallatin was founded in 1798 and named for Albert Gallatin, the Secretary of the Treasury under President Thomas Jefferson. It was derived from parts of Franklin and Shelby counties. Later, parts of the county were pared off to create three additional counties, viz: Owen in 1819, Trimble in 1836 and Carroll in 1838. 

Indexes to Wills, Estates, Guardianships, Distributions, Inventories
  • 1800 to 1819
  • 1817 to 1823
Images of Will Book A, 1800 to 1819 

Note: This Will Book has been restored; however, most images remain unreadable. In addition to these images, please use the index to determine if your ancestor had an estate, then contact the county court house for copies. 

  • Calnut, Phillip
  • Campbell, Archibald
  • Campbell, John
  • Colen, Jacob
  • Crawford, John
  • Davis, John
  • Edmondson, Philip
  • Edmondson, Robert
  • Gaunt, Sarah
  • Gray, Radford
  • Holiday, Joseph
  • James, John
  • Jordan, John
  • Kelley, M.
  • King, William
  • Landers, John
  • McNair, Charles
  • Metter, James
  • Neely, Samuel
  • Sayres, Thomas
  • Smith, George
  • Smith, James
  • Smith, Jonathan
  • Smith, Josiah
  • Sneed, Benjamin
  • Spruell, James Sr.
  • Stafford, Henry
  • Stafford, orphans
  • Taylor, Abraham
  • Whitehead, Richard
  • Whitehead, William
  • Williams, William
  • Williamson, Joseph

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