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Monday, October 16, 2017

The Hard Winter of 1779 #kentuckypioneers #kentucky

The Hard Winter of 1779

From November to March (1779-1780) the settlers of Kentucky suffered untold anguish from the severity of the weather and the scarcity of food. More pioneers had come into the wilderness the preceding summer and so increased the population which meant that the products of garden, field, and forest were soon exhausted. Deep, unmelting snow covered the land; many families coming by river were caught in the masses of ice, compelled to abandon their primitive boats, and encamp on the frozen shore; while the traveler by land found trails blocked with snow, creeks frozen solid, and the forest desolate. Horses, cattle, and many wild animals froze or died from want of nourishment, while so great was the extremity that the settlers were forced to eat the flesh of the animals that had thus fallen, and for months had to go without bread. In this severe cold, through the deep snow and over the solid ice, there could be little traveling. To secure supplies from elsewhere was impossible; and even when spring began to bring some relief, one bushel of corn brought, in the continental currency, from fifty to one hundred and seventy-five dollars. Complete relief could not come until the seedtime and the harvest home were over. 
Fleming Co. KY Genealogy Records

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Monday, October 9, 2017

What Kentuckians Used for Money #kentuckypioneers #genealogy

What Kentuckians Used for Money

Pieces of 8In Virginia, the Indians used wampum to trade and white settlers used tobacco as their first currecy. However, Kentuckians used the skins of wild animals as their first currency. As immigrants came into the region, Spanish silver dollars were circulated. Still there was no small change. Thus, our forefathers actually made change by cutting the dollar into four equal parts, each worth twenty-five cents. These were again divided, each part worth twelve and one half cents, called bits. But people were sometimes careless in the work of making change and often cut the dollar into five "quarters,quot; and these wedge-shaped pieces of cut-money were referred to as "sharp shins." Because of this type of cut, silver gradually found its way back to the mint for recoinage, usually at a loss of the last owner. As late as 1806, a business house in Philadelphia received over one hundred pounds of cut silver, brought on by a Kentucky merchant, which was sent on a dray to the United States Mint for recoinage. 

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Monday, October 2, 2017

New! Fleming County KY Wills, Estates, Guardianships etc. #kygenealogy #kentuckypioneers

Fleming County Genealogy, Wills, Estates, Distributions, Inventories, Guardianships

Map of Fleming County

Fleming County was founded in 1798 and named after Colonel John Fleming, an Indian fighter and early settler to Kentucky. The land was taken from Mason County. The county seat is Flemingsburg and the first court house was constructed with logs. 

Indexes to Wills, Estates, Guardianships, Distributions
  • Book A, 1798 to 1815
  • Book B, 1816 to 1822
  • Book C, 1823 to 1829
  • Book D, 1829 to 1834
Images of Fleming County Wills and Estates, Book A, 1798 to 1816 

Alexander, William* Armstrong, Robert* Axley, Ely Baker, Charlies* Barnes, Joshua* Barnes, Samuel* Bateman, Thomas* Bazle, William* Beard, Philip* Bell, Benjamin D.* Bell, M.* Benham, Amariah* Bennington, William* Bevins, Sally* Brevard, Adam* Brevard, William* Bridges, Dillen* Bright, Edward* Brown, D. G.* Brown, James* Brown, Manly* Brown, John* Brown, M.* Burke, William* Burrington, William* Butler, Thomas* Carter, James* Carter, Thomas* Chapman, Nathan Chapman, William* Clare, Andrew* Clarke, Thomas* Cobyn, Benjamin* Collins, James* Collins, John* Constant, John* Cornwall, Thomas* Cothran, Robert* Cotteman, John* Curry, Susanna* Dale, James* Davis, John* Dawkins, Thomas* Denard, Margaret* Dickson, James* Donevan, Philip* Dudley, William* Dudley, Will* Dunbar, Alexander* Dunbar, James* Duncan, William* Elijah, Moses* Emmers, James* Evans, Esbert* Evans, Isaac* Evans, Robert* Faris, William* Farrow, Thornton Ferguson, John* Ferguson, Joseph* Finney, Thomas* Fix, Stephen* Floyd, Thomas* Fuller, George* Fulton, orphans* Furlow, Robert* Furr, Edwin Gallagher, John* Goddard, John* Gooding, Abraham* Gooding, John* Gore, Andrew* Gordon, James* Gray, David* Gray, Isaac* Green, John Bishop* Green, Richard* Gully, Thomas* Hambuck, William* Hamm, Joseph* Hannock, John* Harper, William* Harvey, William* Hillecoes, Jacob* Hillison, George* Hinton, Eli* Hitt, Charlie* Hornbuckle, Solomon* Horton, Benjamin* Hudnut, Richard* Jenkins, Thomas* Johnston, Daniel* Jordan, Jared* Lee, James* Leforge, Abraham* Levins, Vincent* Lewis, James* Little, Henry* Loftis, William* Logan, H.* MaGowen, James* Markwell, Amelia* Markwell, William* Marquit, Landy* Marshall, Robert* McAlister, James* McCorkle, John* McCottister, James* McCollum, Seth* McDaniel, Thomas* McDonald, George* McDonald, Thomas* McGowen, James* McIntire, Joseph* McKibbens, Joseph* McKinney, Christina* Miller, Robert* Mills, Thomas* Mims, John* Mooney, John* Morehead, William* Morgan, Levin* Morgan, Simon* Morgan, William* Morrison, Robert* Murphy, Sampson* Norwood, Philip* Orr, William* Park, Hugh* Penland, Alexander** Plemmons, James* Plummer, Abraham* Plummer, Benjamin* Plummer, George* Plummer, Isaac* Plummer, James* Porter, Bridget* Pouldon, John* Price, John* Rawlins, William* Ray, William* Reed, Benjamin* Reed, Jacob* Reed, orphans* Reeves, Elijah Roberson, David* Robinson, Andrew* Roe, Joshua* Ruby, Thomas* Ruddell, George* Scofield, Daniel Henry* Scott, Joseph* Scott, William* Seybold, Jasper* Shannon, Patrick* Simon, John* Smith, Robert* Snider, Stephen* Snyder, Christopher* Spencer, Philemon* Steel, David* Stevens, John* Stewart, David* Stockwell, John* Sweet, Benjamin* Sweet, Martha* Sweet, William* Talton, Hugh* Tapley, James* Taylor, Joshua* Terhune, Albert* Thomas, Patrick* Tilman, Nehemiah Tilson, Samuel* Tully, Samuel* Turner, James* Vanicoe, Frederick* Van Landingham, George* Vincent, Thomas* Walker, James* Walker, William* Weaver, George* Williams, Daniel* Williams, Hazel* Williams, John* Wilson, John* Wilson, Thomas* Wilson, William* Wishard, Joseph* Wishard, William* Wright, James* Yarbrough, Randle* 

Images of Fleming County Wills and Estates, Book A, 1798 to 1816

Alexander, William* Bell, William O.* Brown, Cyrus* Clarke, Benjamin* Dale, James* Davis, Samuel* Deck, Jonathan* Graham, James* Hilliard, George* Hinton, Zachariah* Howe, John* Jernigan, Thomas* Jones, Ignatius* Jordan, Gerard* Loftis, William* Markwell, William* McCorkle, William* Park, Hugh* Penland, Mims* Pettitt, James* Pettitt, Jonathan* Rabourn, David* Rawlins, William* Reed, Robert* Rickson, George* Stockton, George* Swim, John* Terhune, Albert* Terhune, Alexander* Triplet, Presby* Tully, Israel* Turis, John* Vantrim, Frederick* Vincent, Levin* Walker, William* Walton, John* Watson, William* Wishard William* 

Images of Fleming County Wills and Estates, Book C, 1823 to 1829 

Alexander, William* Allen, Joseph* Allen, Thomas* Ashley, Thomas* Bagswell, Joel* Ballentine, Thomas* Barton, John* Beard, Delilah* Beckner, Henry* Bell, James D.* Bell, James H.* Bell, William D.* Bellon, George* Bonan, Amariah* Botts, George W.* Boyd, Daniel* Brand, Thomas* Brevard, Joshua* Brown, John* Brown, Meshack Campbell, James* Carter, Thomas* Clancy, William* Clarke, Benjamin* Cochran, John* Constant, John* Coulter, William* Crain, Samuel* Dale, Uriah* Darsey, Leaken* Davis, James Sr.* Debells, James H.* DeBells, Nancy* Dickins, John* Disbon, James* Dixon, Harvey* Duly, Zadok* Duncan, Margaret* Emmons, Jesse* Emmons, Joseph* Emmons, William* Evans, John* Evans, Robert* Faris, James* Faris, John* Farrow, Thornton* Ferguson, F.* Ferguson, Thomas* Fleming, John D.* Fouck, William Sr.* Franklin, Thomas* Fulton, Hugh* Fyffe, James* Fyffe, Jonathan* Garvin, John* Gills, Samuel* Gimble, Dorothy* Glascock, Matilda* Goddard, John* Gooch, Thomas* Goslin, Joseph* Green, Francis* Green, Frankey* Green, Thomas* Hamilton, James* Hays, Thomas* Hendricks, Phillip* Henry, Samuel* Hinton, Vachel* Hitt, Charlie* House, Jonathan W.* Howard, Gideon* Howe, J. W.* Hunt, Henry* Huntsman, Robert* Hurst, Henry* Hurst, William* Jackson, Thomas* James, John* Johnston, Jonathan* Jones, Daniel* Jones, heirs* Jones, Stephen* Kendall, Peter* Kennon, William* Latham, George* Lee, orphans* Lee, Randall* Logan, heirs* Loyd, Thomas* Magehee, Charlis* Markwell, Amelia* Markwell, Landen* Martinez, James* Matthews, James* McAtiney, James* McCarty, David* McCarty, Nathaniel* McClary, John* McCorkle, William* McCracken, Charlie* McFarlow, Robert* McGehee, Charlie* McGowen, James* McIntyre, Daniel* McIntyre, John* Miller, Benjamin* Miller, William* Morgan, George* Morrison, James* Morrison, Robert* Moss, Moses* Mullagan, William* Muse, George* Newcomb, Daniel* Newman, Judith* Park, William C.* Parker, William* Parsons, Isaiah* Patton, James* Peck, Daniel Sr.* Penland, William* Philson, James* Plummer, George* Plummer, Samuel* Pollett, Jonathan* Pollett, Josiah* Quinn, James* Reeves, Asa* Reeves, Spencer* Rice, William* Ringo, L.* Ritchie, John* Robinson, Zacharia* Ross, James D.* Ross, Richard* Saunders, Ackley* Saunders, James* Secrest, Joseph* Spoon, Phillip* Stockton, Joshua* Stockton, Nancy* Story, Janes* Straham, Samuel* Sutton, George* Sweet, Thomas* Tate, Henry* Terhune, Jacob* Threkeld, Ann* Tilson, James* Tout, Abram* Turner, James* Van Landingham, George* Vantrease, Frederick* Vanzant, Aaron* Varney, Francis* Vincent, Levin* Vinson, E.* Walker, James* Walker, William* Walton, John* Wear, John* White, Ihaf* Wills, Andrew* Wills, Samuel* Worthington, Jacob* Wright, James* Wyatt, Jane* Wyatt, Micajah* 

Images of Fleming County Wills and Estates, Book D, 1829 to 1834 

Alexander, Samuel* Alexander, William* Anderson, Joseph* Andrews, Thomas* Barnes, Basil* Bateman, William* Blair, John* Botts, George W.* Brown, John* L. Callahan, Andrew* Chandler, Nathaniel* Chapman, Draper* Chapman, Henry* Chrisman, Jacob* Clancy, William* Cogswell, Joel* Conway, John* Cornwall, Thomas* Crain, Samuel* Dale, Sibald* Dalrymple, M.* Darnall, Charlie* Darsey, Isabella* Darsey, land division* Davis, Joseph* Davis, William* Dobens, A. C.* Donaldson, Edward* Dudley, Elizabeth* Dulin, William* Dulin, William L.* Emmons, Catherine* Emmons, Joseph* Emmons, William* Filson, Samuel* Fitzgerald, Janas Fleming, William F.* Foxworthy, Thomas* Gamble, Dolly* Gardner, Andrew* Gardner, Henry* Gardner, Nicholas* Glascock, George* Goslin, Joseph* Graham, Andrew* Green, George* Griffin, Thomas* Hackason, John* Hart, John* Haws, Alexander* Hedrick, James* Helvestine, Philip* Henry, Samuel* Hiatt, Micajah* Hixson, Lewis D.* Honakin, Christian* Honide, H. C.* Hood, John* Howe, David* Howe, John* Howe, William L.* Hudson, Elizabeth* Hudson, John* Hunt, John* Hunt, Samuel* Huntsman, Robert* Hurst, Fielden Hurst, William* Ishmael, James* Jackson, Dempsey* Johnson, Peter* Johnston, James* Jones, Daniel* Jones, Joseph* Jones, Martha* Jones, Stephen* Killigah, Jacob* Kirk, Thomas* Lane, Lucy* Lee, Theophilis* Leeper, Andrew* Leforgy, Jesse* Little, Abram* Litton, R. D.* Logan, Elijah* Loyd, Simon* Marks, William* Matt, Christopher* McDonald, Samuel* McIntyre, John* McIntyre, Joseph* McRee, John* McSteny, James* Minor, Richard* Morgan, William P.* Moss, Moses* Mullikin, William* Nealis, Charlie* Nealis, James* Newman, James* Overby, Jacob* Palmer, John* Parris, James* Patterson, Israel* Patterson, Rachel* Patton, Thomas* Pearce, William* Plummer, Reuben* Powers, Mary* Reeves, James* Reeves, Spencer Robertson, Henry* Robertson, William Sr.* Rosser, William* Saffern, Thomas* Saunders, Ackly* Scott, Robert* Shankin, Thomas* Simmons, William* Skinner, Richard* Smith, David* Smith, John* Smith, Peter* Stickrod, Jacob* Story, William* Summers, M.* Summerville, John* Swain, Bennet* Sweet, John* Tatman, Joshua* Threlkeld, Ann* Threlkeld, Cornelius G.* Thelkeld, William* Thomas orphans* Todd, Thomas* Treach, Thomas* Triplett estate Triplett, William* Triplett, James* Vansant, Aaron* Vanzant, Elisha* Walker, Richard G.* Walker, Robert* Wallington, John* Walton, John* Weaver, Phillip* White, John* Wills, Andrew* Wills, Martha* Worthington, Jacob* Yates, Joseph* Young, Robert* 

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Monday, September 25, 2017

Woodford County Kentucky Genealogies & Histories #kentuckypioneers

Images of Woodford County Wills, Estates, Inventories, Guardianships

Woodford County Marker

Woodford County was formed from part of Fayette County, Virginia in 1788. It was named for General William Woodford of the American Revolutionary War who died while a prisoner of war in 1780. Scott County was formed from part of the county in 1792 and Franklin County took another part in 1794. 

Images of Wills, Estates, Inventories, Guardianships available to members of Kentucky Pioneers 

Indexes to Wills, Estates, Inventories, Guardianships
  • Book A, 1789 to 1815
  • Book B, 1796 to 1807
  • Book C, 1806 to 1812
  • Book C, 1812 to 1815

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Monday, September 18, 2017

Wayne County Kentucky Genealogies and Histories #kentuckypioneers

Wayne County Wills, Estates, Marriages

Battle of Fallen TimbersWayne County was formed December 13, 1800 from Pulaski and Cumberland Counties. It was named after General "Mad Anthony" Wayne, a hero of the American Revolutionary War as well as the Northwest Indian War. It was his victory at the Battle of Fallen Timbers which ended the Indian threat against Kentucky settlers. The Americans lost 33 soldiers during this battle, while the Indians lost twice as many with a retreat to the British-built fort of Miamis on the Maumee River. Wayne County fought for the Confederates during the War Between the States and in 1861, the Confederate Government of Kentucky passed an Act to rename Wayne County to Zollicoffer County in honor of Felix Zollicoffer who died at the Battle of Mill Springs. 

Wayne County Probate Records available to members of Kentucky Pioneers 

  • Miscellaneous Marriages between 1815 and 1817 Digital Images of Wayne County Wills and Estates 1802 to 1807
    • Bartleson, Zachariah
    • Bustard, Charles
    • Denny, Samuel
    • Ingram, Samuel
    • Hunter, Edward
    • Kerly, Benjamin
    • Mullins, Isaac
    • Norton, Mercer
    • Perryhouse, John
    • Smilie, Anne
    • Smiley, George

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Monday, September 11, 2017

Warren County Kentucky Genealogies and Histories #kentuckypioneers

Warren County Kentucky Wills, Estates, Deeds

Bowling Green

The history of Warren County dates back to several Native American villages and burial mounds. General Elijah Covington was one of the first land owners. McFaddens Station was established as early as 1785 on the northern bank of the Barren River at Cumberland Trae. by Andrew McFadden. Warren County was established in 1796 and was named after General Joseph Warren of Revolutionary War fame as haviing dispatched William Dawes and Paul Revere on the famous midnight ride. Warren also fought at the Battle of Bunker Hill. 

Warren County Probate Records available to members of Kentucky Pioneers

Miscellaneous Wills
    • Armor, Thomas
    • Briggs, Thompson
    • Earnest, Peterson
    • Fishback, James
    • Gillarton, Thomas
    • Robinson, Knox (LWT 1846)
    • Skaggs, James
    • Smith, Elizabeth
    • Thompson, Peter
    • Watts, William
    • West, William
    • Wingfield, Joseph and David

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Monday, September 4, 2017

Shelby County Kentucky Genealogies and Histories #kentuckypioneers

Shelby County, Kentucky Wills, Estates, Deeds

ShelbyvilleShelbyvilleShelbyvilleShelbyvilleShelby County was formedn 1792 and was named for Isaac Shelby, the first Governor of Kentucky. The county seat is Shelbyville.

Genealogy Records available to members ofKentucky Pioneers

Indexes to Wills and Estates
  • Book No. 1, 1796 to 1804
  • Book No. 2, 1804 to 1811
  • Book No. 3, 1812 to 1817
Wills and Estates Bk No. 1, 1792 to 1804
  • Bagel, William | Bell, Henry | Boling, William | Boyd, William | Boyles, David | Bozwell, George | Breedon, Richard | Brice, James | Brown, James | Buckhannon, William | Burzan, Jesse | Butler, Elizabeth
  • Clarke, John | Connely, John | Daniel, Robert | Dornas, Oliver | Dunn, John | Elam, Richard | Felly, John | Ford, John | Fullinwider, William
  • Garrett, John | Gazway, Richard | Glover, Jonah | Green, Catherine | Green, Jonathan
  • Hansbrough, Marias | Hansel, Phillip | Hartman, Anthony | Hill, Hardy | Hogland, Richard |
  • Jacobs, Thomas | Johnston, Phillip
  • Lane, Lambert | Lasley, Robert | Laurence, David | Leatherman, John | Lemaster, Richard | Lewis, John
  • McCampbell, Samuel | McCLain, Samuel | McClure, Daniel | McClure, John | Meeke, Jesse | Metcalf, James | Newland, Isaac | Newland, Jacob | Owen, Brackett | Owens, George
  • Pennington, Isaac | Perkins, William | Potts, John | Powell, William | Prewitt, Michael Sr. | Redding, William | Reid, James | Robins, William
  • Shannon, Thomas | Shannon, William | Shields, Patrick | Shuck, Andrew | Sled, William | Smith, Jacob | Squires, John | Stout, James | Thompson, Thomas | Van Cleve, Ralph
  • Walker, James | Walker, Joseph | Warford, David | Whitaker, Jesse | Whitaker, John | Williams, Elizabeth | Williams, John | Williams, William | Wilson, Samuel
  • Young, Adam
Wills, Estates, Divisions, Inventories, Appraisements, Orphans, Guardianships, Bk 3, 1812 to 1817
  • Abbey, Silas | Abraham, John | Adams, Ephraim and Solomon | Allen, Washington | Ashley, Sarah and Thompson | Allen, John | Allison, Robert | Anderson, Amos and John | Atherton, Margaret | Ballard, William | Bekill, Craig | Bell, John | Black, Elizabeth | Booker, Richard Samuel | Boyd, Jane | Boyd, John | Boyd orphans | Boyd, William Braigleck, James | Bryant, Rawleigh and orphans | Bryant, Thomas | Bull, Edward Bullard, William
  • Carnes, Joseph | Carson, Robert | Chiles, Carr | Churchill, George and Richard | Clark, Godfrey | Clarke, John | Cook, William | Cooper, Benjamin and William | Craig, James | Crawford, James Crowley, William | Damaree, Samuel | Davis, Ezekiel | Davis, Thomas C. | Duncan, Nimrod
  • Eakin, John | Eakins, John | Edwards, Elisha and Joseph Elliott, William | Ferguson, William | Finley, William | Frazier, Andrew | Frye, Benjamin | Gallinger, Solomon | Garner, Sally | Gilland, Daniel | Glen, Joseph | Goldman, Robert | Gooch, Thomas | Graham, Joseph | Green, James | Griffin, Elizabeth | Griffith, Benjamin
  • Harding, Daniel and John | Harlan, Thomas | Harris, Burr | Hays, Peter | Hedden, Gilbert | Hinton, William | Huston, William | Johnston, Thomas and orphans | Jones, Richard and Walter
  • Kester, William | Kinkead, John Kirkpatrick, Mathew | Kuykendall, Jacob and orphans | Lacewell, Elizabeth and orphans | Lang, James and Polly | Lemon, David and John | Lewis, Fielding and John | Littell, guardian | Logan, Benjamin and William | Long, James
  • Mahurin, John | Marquis, William K. | McClelland, Haunce | McDowell, Alexander McGaughey, John | Mead, John Meeks, John | Middleton, William | Miller, Alexander | Mitchell, Joseph and Thomas | Mount, Elisha | Mullikin, James | Murry, Warren
  • Newman, John | Oglesley, Nancy | Owen, Abraham } Owen, Jesse | Owen, Proctor | Ownsby, James | Perkins, Samuel | Perry, Rodrick | Pollard, William | Porter, Benjamin | Powell, William | Proctor, William
  • Reddick, James | Redman, Milly | Reed, Thomas | Richmon, Peter | Ridgeway, Richard | Robinson, John F. | Rucker, Joshua | Russell, Daniel
  • Sampler, Samuel | Sampson, William | Scoggin, Charles | Scott, James | Shanks, Thomas Jr. | Shannon, Samuel | Shoemaker, Peter | Simpson, Joseph | Smith, George and Robert | Stout, Peter
  • Taylor, Phillip and William | Thatcher, Nancy | Theldkill, Moses | Thornton, Mitchel | Thurston, James and Plummer | Tilly, Lazarus | Tinsley, Jonathan and Samuel | Todd, John and William | Van Dyke, Peter | Venable, Henry and James
  • Wallace, John | Webb, James | Wells, Carty and Hayden and Peggy | Wetherford, Elijah | Whitaker, Aquilla | Elisha | Jesse Williams, John | Williamson, John | Wood, James | Woodside, John Woodson, Jesse

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Monday, August 28, 2017

Russell County Kentucky Genealogies and Histories #kentuckypioneers

Russell County Wills, Estates, Deeds

land near Ewing, KentuckyRussell County KentuckyPictured is land near Ewing, Kentucky and the railroad yard. Russell County was formed on December 14, 1825 from portions of Adair, Cumberland and Wayne counties. It was named after Colonel William Russell. Some deeds are loosely added to the first will book.

Russell County Probate Records available to members of Kentucky Pioneers

Indexes to Probate Records
  • Index to Will Book A
Miscellaneous Wills and Estates
  • Bernard, Allen
  • Bernard, Charles
  • Cook, Emory
  • Flowers, Rebecca
  • Knight, Elsy
  • Knight, Posey
  • Long, Edward
  • Smith, William
  • Stapp, William
  • Stephens, William Sr.
  • Turner, Richard
  • Wilson, Moses
  • Wilson, Thomas
  • Wilson, Thomas Sr.
  • Wooldridge, Richard
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