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Monday, October 24, 2016

Where We Walk #genealogy #kentuckypioneers

Where We Walk

archaeologyDo you ever watch where you step? Over an old grave or historic city? Because it could be that almost everywhere that we walk underneath the ground is an old Indian village or evidence of a past civilization. As the motivation to discover our past accelerates into the diggings of archeologists, the thought crosses my mind - Were these the bones of myancestors? Intriguing thought, that the past is some number of feet under the ground and that actual cities have been discovered. Nothing seems to get lost. Think about it. If you believe that we all stem from one human couple, Adam and Eve, then a strapulation of numbers and generations will blow your mind. I have traced some of my ancestors to the 25th cousin to medieval times. This task was enlightening as I saw the same persons again and again woven throughout my lineage. Once the tracing had been made to the nobility, you discover relationships to kings, queens and practically all of European nobility. With this in mind, then, an archelogical site might well apply to you. An excellent beginning is with actual records in the court house, visits to local cemeteries, searching for old bibles, and Kentucky Pioneers. 

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