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Monday, June 27, 2016

Images of Campbell Co. KY Wills, Estates #genealogy #kentuckypioneers

Campbell County Wills, Estates, Probate Records

Newport, KentuckyCampbell County was formed on December 17, 1794 two years after the creation of the Commonwealth of Kentucky. It was taken from sections of Scott, Harrison, and Mason Counties and was named for Colonel John Campbell (1735 to 1799), a Revolutionary War soldier and Kentucky Legislator. The original county included all of present Boone, Kenton, Pendleton, and most of Bracken and Grant counties. The county seat of Wilmington survived from 1794 to 1797 and its court house was built of logs, later replaced in 1815 by a brick structure. Newport was the county seat until 1823 when it was removed to Visalia. This site was unpopular and the county seat was returned to Newport in 1824, lasting until 1840. In 1840, Kenton County was created, primarily out of a significant portion of Campbell. The Kentucky General Assembly then forced the county to move its seat to Alexandria, closer to the center of the new, smaller Campbell County. In 1883, after years of lobbying, the General Assembly established a special provision to allow Newport to designate a Court House District separate from the offices in Alexandria.

Campbell County Probate Records available to members of Kentucky Pioneers

Indexes to Probate Records
  • Wills, Estates, Inventories 1794 to 1820
Images of Wills, Estates, Inventories 1894 to 1820

Testators: Allen (infant) | Allen, David | Ally, Samuel, Captain | Anderson, Jacob | Anderson, John | Armstrong, John | Arnold, Elisha | Bagby, Robert | Baker, John | Beall, Benjamin | Beall, Jeanette | Beaver, John | Benham, Peter | Berry, Washington | Blanchard, Abiel | Bobet, Randolph | Buckner, George | Cahill, James | Campbell, Colen | Campbell, John | Cleveland, Levi | Cloud, William | Colvin, Lewis | Cooper, Benjamin | Cooper, Christopher | Cormely, Michael | Coursey, William | Curry, William | Davis, Joseph | Dickens, Charles | Dickerson, William | Dickinson, Arche | Dixon, Henry | Duckworth, Robert | Eckert, Leonard | Edmonds, John | Fleming, James | Flournoy, Lucy | Foster, George | Fowler, Richard | Frier, Humphrey | Gano, John Stiles |Green, Betsy | Griffin, Thomas | Griffing, Ebenezer | Hamilton, Jesse | Harnett, Zachariah | Harper, Richard | Hume, Joel | Hume, John | Jenkins, Elizabeth | Jones, Margaret | Kennedy, Mary | Kennedy, Thomas | Kennedy, William | Kenney, Robert | Kent, Susanna | Kinkaid, Andrew | Klette, Frederick | Knight, Jacob | Leathers, John | Leathers, John Sr. | Leathers, Joshua | Leathers,Thomas | Leitch, David | Lindsey, Thomas | Lucas, Lewis M. | Lynn, Nathan | Mardes, Wilson | Martin, John | McCollum, John | McDonald, George | McKay, Jacob | Merman, John | Miller, Jacob | Miller, John | Miller, Philip Jacob | Morton, David | Moseley, John C. | Moseley, Thomas | Nelson, Anne Nelson, John | Nelson, Meredith | Nunamaker, Lewis | Osborn, James | Paul, John | Pearcefield, Vallentine | Peek, George | Perry, Samuel | Ponder, John | Powell, Micajah | Revelle, Randle | Reynolds, Jonah | Rice, Lewis | Richardson, John | Rosell, John | Rust, Enos | Sandford, Thomas | Stephens, William Sr. | Shepherd, Joseph | Smith, James | Spilman, James | Stewart, Hugh | Stubbs, Robert | Swan, Hugh | Swing, Samuel | Talbert, Abner | Talbot, John | Taylor, Caleb | Taylor, Edmund | Taylor, G. E. | Taylor, James | Terry, David | Thatcher, Daniel | Trail, Osburn | Turner, Alexander | Turner, Rowlen | Vadin, Hennery | Vickelthymn, Levi | Vice, Nathaniel | Vickers, Moses | York, John | Wagoner, Catharine | Wagoner, Phillip | White, Robert | White, Thomas | Willison, Richard | Wilson, Samuel 

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