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Friday, May 2, 2014

Bourbon Co. KY old Wills, Genealogies --

Paris, Kentucky

Bourbon County, Kentucky Court House Records

Paris, KentuckySome of the most beautiful country in America is in Paris, Kentucky. In 1780 the district of Kentucky belonged to three counties in Virginia, viz: Fayette, Jefferson and Lincoln. Old Bourbon County was formed in 1786 from Fayette and Bourbon Counties, Virginia, and originally comprised 34 northeastern counties of Kentucky. When the new State of Kentucky was created in 1792, Bourbon became a county. The land itself was given by Fayette County, Virginia, and was named after the French House of Bourbon in honor of the assistance which France gave to America during the Revolutionary War. The courthouse was destroyed by fire in 1872 and again in1901, resulting in the loss of county records. Whiskey, made from corn had a distinctive flavor and became a popular drink termed Bourbon whiskey as opposed to rye whiskey. The whiskey barrels were marked Old Bourbon when they were shipped downriver from the local port on the Ohio River. The port from where the whiskey was shipped was called Limestone, now Maysville, and was located in Bourbon County until the borders were redrawn in 1789 and it became Mason County. The county seat is Paris, Kentucky.

Digital Images of Bourbon County Wills and Estates 1795 to 1805
Testators: Alexander, James | Alkire, Harmonius |Anderson, George |Baseman, John |Black, James |Boyd, William |Brush, James |Burns, Andrew | Clarke, Robert |Clarkson, John |Cogswell, Joseph, Dr. |Cook, John |Couchman, Andrew |Craig, Thomas |Crouch, Mary |Dasey, Thomas | Douglas, Samuel | Dudley, James | Duncan, Joseph | Edminston, Robert | Edwards, Haden | Fearn, John |Ferguson, John | Field, Anna | Forqueran, Peter Sr. | Furnish, Mary | Godman, Jeremiah | Gosney, William | Griffith, Amos | Griffith, William | Griffith, Manassa | Grimes, Stephen | Grubbs, Elizabeth, Mrs. | Hall, Caleb | Hambleton, William | Hamilton, Thomas | Hand, Elizabeth | Hayden, Nehemiah | Hendricks, Daniel | Hendricks, Peter | Higgins, Joshua | Hinkson, John | Hornback, Simon | Huffstuter, Allerick | Hutsel, Gabriel | Jacobs, John | Jacoby, Henry | Jenifer, Joseph | Jennifer, John | Johnston, Benjamin | Kennedy, Joseph | Kinnebrook John | Kirkpatrick, John | Laile, George | Lair, Elizabeth | Lair, Mathias | Lear, Daniel | Marney, Robert | Matheny, Daniel | Martin, George | Maxwell, John | McClanahan, Jemima | McClanahan, William | McClintock, Daniel | McDaniel, Eneas | McMullen, John | McNay, Joseph | McShaine, William | Millen, Bernard | Mitchell, John | Moore, Thomas | Moss, Thomas | Neal, Benjamin | Nelson, Charles | Nesbit, Jeremiah | Newell, Stephen | Parks, John | Patton, William | Payne, Joseph | Phillips, Elijah | Pryor, Mary | Pury, Robert | Quiet, James | Quiet, John | Rawlins, Joshua | Reeder, Thomas | Reynolds, Thomas | Ross, Henry | Ruddle, Archibald | Ruddle, John | Rule, Sarah | Sanford, Reuben | Slater, Samuel | Smith, John | Smith, Thomas | Stephenson, George | Stevenson, George | Stokes, John | Strother, Thomas | Strout, Peter | Summers, John | Talbott, John | Tarr, Frederick | Thomas, James | Thornhill, John | Todd, Edward | Todd, Samuel | Trimble, David | Tucker, Edward | Tucker, Jonathan | Turner, Jesse | Ward, Benjamin | Webb, William | Welch, Michael | Whaley, James | Williams, John | Worle, Atwell | Young, Benjamin |
Kentucky Pioneers

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  7. (Graduates database from ca 1830 to 1925)
  8. (Digitized Wills in counties of: Carter 1794-1830; Jefferson 1802-1810;Johnson 1839-1900;Unicoi 1878-1887; Washington 1779-1800)

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